Principalship Review

Per the university’s Principalship Review and Search Policy, Principal Deane has advised the Chair of the Board of Trustees that he wishes to be considered for reappointment to a second term.

Accordingly, a review of the principalship will now take place. The membership of the Principalship Review Committee (PRC) has now been approved by the Senate and Board of Trustees.

Submissions to the Committee 

The Joint Committee invites submissions from all interested individuals, in confidence, on the present state and future development of the University and on the principalship. Feedback is now being accepted with a number of ways to participate. Please note than the University does not permit anonymous responses in these circumstances, however, the process is confidential and all submissions will be held in confidence by the Committee.

The feedback period is now closed and no further submissions will be accepted by the Committee. The members thank all those who participated in this exercise.


Queen’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor should be an inspirational and visionary leader with a proven track record for scholarly and administrative achievement.  They should have the courage and confidence to guide change and advance the institution through its next stage of development, including the ongoing implementation of the university’s strategy

Leadership capability

The ability to develop shared and ongoing support for the university’s strategy and associated change, and to hear and respond to concerns about the strategy as they arise; execute the implementation of wide-reaching cross-organizational strategy; achieve goals in a highly dynamic and decentralized environment; evaluate and act on opportunities, issues, and challenges; recruit and nurture diverse talent; and bring focus to a large and complex organization.

Academic credibility and intellectual rigour

An outstanding record of recognized research and scholarship with the ability to set high standards and inspire excellence in research, teaching, and learning; a commitment to the totality of the academic enterprise of the university; and experience driving an education agenda, including the development of innovative pedagogy and curricula.

Indigeneity, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism (I-EDIAA)

An unparalleled commitment to I-EDIAA in all facets of their work and that of the institution they lead; success in building diverse communities in which all feel included and respected; the ability to incorporate I-EDIAA strategically, productively, and seamlessly into the core business of the university; and an understanding of the special relationship between Indigenous peoples at the university.

Communication and relationship building

The ability to articulate a compelling future for Queen’s and engage all stakeholders in that future; ability to be an effective ambassador for Queen’s on a local, national, and international stage; success building strong relationships with various internal and external communities including students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, the Kingston community, and government and corporate constituencies; and success in fundraising and other advancement activities.

Financial literacy and management acumen

Experience with budgetary and financial management at an appropriate scale, the balancing of operational needs and strategic investment and renewal opportunities; and the ability to find creative and innovative solutions to financial and management problems.

Values and style

A collegial leadership style appropriate for a university environment including high emotional intelligence, superb listening skills, empathy, respect, and cultural humility; exceptional resilience and energy; a willingness to take calculated risks when appropriate; and an open, consultative, energetic, and charismatic leadership style.



Pursuant to the Queen’s charter, the Board of Trustees is vested with the authority to appoint the Principal.  The establishment of the Joint Board/Senate Principal Review Committee is based on the Principalship Review and Search Policy (2022).  It should be noted that, while the process of review and selection is a shared one, the responsibility for an appointment or reappointment rests solely with the Board of Trustees.


Principal Patrick Deane began his term as Queen’s University’s 21st Principal on July 1, 2019.  This term is scheduled to conclude on June 30, 2024.  Principal Deane has confirmed his desire to be considered for a second term and, in accordance with the Policy, a Joint Board-Senate Principal Review Committee will be established.

The Review Committee is established to conduct the review process, in confidence, with a view to delivering a recommendation regarding reappointment to the Board of Trustees.  


Per the Policy, the Review Committee is composed of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Rector, four Trustees selected from Board appointed and/or Council elected Trustees, a dean, one student senator, and four other senators, which shall include at least one faculty senator and one staff senator.  Committee members shall demonstrate a diversity of skills, background, and personal attributes that ensure appropriate balance on the Committee.  the Chancellor shall Chair the Joint Committee and shall have a vote only in the case of a tie.

The slates of appointees from the Board and the Senate shall be placed before the Board of Trustees and the Senate, respectively, which shall each have final authority to appoint their members to the Review Committee.


The processes to be followed by the Review Committee are outlined in the Principalship Review and Search Procedures document (2022).


As outlined in the Procedures, it is expected that the Review Committee will complete its work within a reasonable timeframe.  Its work shall begin as soon as possible after the announcement of the Principal’s desire to seek a second term in order to permit extensive consultation of stakeholders.  The Review Committee will endeavour to deliver its recommendation to the Board of Trustees in time for the Board to consider it at its March 2023 meeting.



Membership Composition

Chair - Chancellor Murray Sinclair

Rector - Owen Crawford-Lem

Chair, Board of Trustees - Mary Wilson Trider

Four Trustees:

Doug Bruce, Council-elected Trustee

Alison Holt, Council-elected Trustee

Gilles Patry, Trustee

Patrice Walch-Watson, Trustee

Six Senators:

Dan Borschneck, Faculty of Health Sciences

Jackie Davies, Faculty of Arts and Science

Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Dean, Faculty of Education

Martha Munezhi, Smith School of Business

Eric Sikich, AMS President

Judy Wilson, Student Awards Office

Advisory to the Committee

Kanonhsyonne Jan Hill, Associate Vice-Principal, Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation

Stephanie Simpson, Associate Vice-Principal, Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion


The Review Committee will meet between mid November and mid February.

Final recommendation will be provided to the Board of Trustees by March 2023.