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Meeting of the Senate

Thursday 24 September 2009, 3:30 p.m.

Robert Sutherland Hall, Room 202


  1. Opening Session

    1. Adoption of Agenda
    2. Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of 20 May 2009 (PDF*, 2,336 KB) (Appendix A, page 1)
    3. Business Arising from the Minutes
    4. Chair's Report
    5. [Information]

      Other Reports

      1. Research Report (PDF*, 513 KB) (Appendix B, page 13)
      2. Senate Committee Agenda Topics (PDF*, 249 KB) (Appendix C, page 19)
      3. Preliminary Report on Admissions and Enrolment – Oral Report by J-A Brady, University Registrar
      4. Honorary Degrees Fall 2009 (PDF*, 233 KB) (Appendix D, page 22)
      5. Queen’s University/City of Kingston Joint Committees – Oral Report by Senator Deane
      6. H1N1 Academic Planning - Oral Report by Senator Deane
  2. Question Period (Appendix E, page 23)

    1. From Senators J. Welsh and A. Stevens (PDF*, 231 KB)
  3. Reports of Committees

    1. Academic Development (Appendix F, page 24)
      1. [Information]

        2008-2009 Omnibus Report (PDF*, 240 KB)

    2. Academic Procedures (Appendix G, page 26)
      1. [Information]

        Annual Report 2008-2009 (PDF*, 233 KB)

      2. [Information]

        Report on Number and Type of Academic Dishonesty Cases Reviewed in 2008-2009 (PDF*, 231 KB)

    3. Advisory Research (Appendix H, page 28)
      1. [Action]

        Proposed amendments to the Centre for Neuroscience Studies Constitution (PDF*, 434 KB)

    4. Creative Arts and Public Lectures (Appendix I, page 37)
      1. [Information]

        2008-2009 Annual Report (PDF*, 292 KB)

    5. Internal Academic Review (Appendix J, page 41)
      1. Internal Academic Review Reports (PDF*, 520 KB)
        1. [Action]

          Department of Civil Engineering (PDF*, 741 KB)

        2. [Action]

          Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (PDF*, 1,015 KB)

        3. [Action]

          Department of Global Development Studies (PDF*, 402 KB)

        4. [Action]

          Life Sciences and X-Ray Technology Collaborative Program (PDF*, 261 KB)

        5. [Action]

          Faculty of Law (PDF*, 731 KB)

        6. [Action]

          Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering (PDF*, 608 KB)

        7. [Action]

          Department of Political Studies & Canadian Studies Program (PDF*, 484 KB)

        8. [Action]

          School of Urban and Regional Planning (PDF*, 310 KB)

    6. Nominating (Appendix K, page 149)
      1. [Action]

        Elections (PDF*, 234 KB)

    7. Operations Review (Appendix L, page 150)
      1. [Information]

        Report on the Composition of the Senate (PDF*, 307 KB)

  4. Reports of Faculties and Affiliated Colleges (Appendix M, page 155)

    1. [Information]

      Notification of the closure of the Centre for Water and the Environment (PDF*, 349 KB) in the Faculty of Applied Science

    2. [Information]

      Introduction of New Field of Study in Master of Management Program (PDF*, 308 KB)

  5. Motions

    None Received

  6. Communications (Appendix N, page 161)

    1. [Information]

      Revised status for provisionally approved Institute of Population and Public Health (PDF*, 248 KB)

    2. [Information]

      Revised status for provisionally approved Queen’s-RMC Centre for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (PDF*, 248 KB)

  7. Matters Referred to Standing Committees (Appendix O, page 163)

    1. Unit Academic Name Change – Buchan Department of Mining Engineering (PDF*, 796 KB) [Referred to the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD)]
    2. Proposed Graduate Diploma – Accounting Type 4 (OCGS) (PDF*, 1,010 KB) [Referred to the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD) and the Senate Budget Review Committee (SBRC)]
  8. Other Business

    None Received

  9. Closed Session – CONFIDENTIAL (**Appendix P, page 179)

    1. [Action]

      Report of the Honorary Degrees Committee


G. Moore

Secretary of the Senate

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