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    Meeting of the Senate

    Tuesday 27 September 2011, 3:30 p.m.

    Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room B201

    1. Opening Session

      1. Adoption of Agenda

      2. Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of 25 May 2011 (Appendix A, page 1)

      3. Business Arising from the Minutes (Appendix B, page 12)

        1. Queen's University Quality Assurance Processes


      4. Principal's Report

      5. Provost's Report
        1. [Information]

          Report to Senate (Appendix C, page 14)

      6. Other reports requested by Senate

        1. [Information]

          Senate Committee agenda topics (Appendix D, page 17)

        2. Preliminary report on Admissions and Enrolment - Oral report by Jo-Anne Brady, University Registrar
    2. Question Period

      None received

    3. Reports of Committees

      1. Nominating (Appendix E, page 20)
        1. [Action]


      2. Operations Review (Appendix F, page 21)
        1. [Action]

          Proposed interim amendment to the Senate composition

        2. [Information]

          Response to Senator Morelli's question on notice for motions procedure

      3. Academic Planning Task Force (Appendix G, page 23)
        1. [30 minute discussion]

          Presentation of Academic Plan

      4. Academic Development (Appendix H, page 24)
        1. [Information]

          2010-2011 Omnibus Report

      5. Academic Procedures (Appendix I, page 25)
        1. [Information]

          Annual Report 2010-2011

        2. [Information]

          Academic Integrity cases reviewed 2010-2011

        3. [Information]

          Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) training

      6. Advisory Research (Appendix J, page 28)
        1. [Information]

          Annual Report 2009-2010

      7. Creative Arts and Public Lectures (Appendix K, page 39)
        1. [Information]

          Annual Report 2010-2011

    4. Reports of Faculties and Affiliated Colleges

      None Received

    5. Motions (Appendix L, page 42)

      1. [Action]

        Academic consideration for students voting in the October 6, 2011 provincial election

      2. [Notice of Motion]

        Concerning the official grading system of Queen's University

    6. Communications and Reports Submitted to Senate (Appendix M, page 44)

      1. Research Report
      2. Request to extend provisional status of the Sustainable Bioeconomy Centre
    7. Matters Referred to Standing Committees

      None Received

    8. Other Business

      None Received

    9. Closed Session - Confidential

      1. [Action]

        Report of the Honorary Degrees Committee (**Appendix N, page 56)

        **Appendix "N" distributed electronically via QShare


        G. Moore

        Secretary of the Senate