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Terms of Reference

The objective of the Working Group to Review the Senate Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedure in light of Bill 132, resulting in the Interim Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Policy and the Sexual Violence Policy and to evaluate the existing policy in the context of the current environment at the university specifically, and that of post-secondary education in general, to determine what changes to the Policy are required.

In doing this, the Working Group will:

  • Examine the current Policy’s clarity, scope, applicability, jurisdiction, timelines, fairness, and due process to determine whether any portions of the Policy should be rewritten;
  • Examine the Policy’s role in helping students to navigate informal accommodation processes;
  • Determine how the Policy should best intersect with relevant provisions contained within the policies recently approved as a result of Bill 132 (Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act);
  • Consider current legislation and university policy in relation to harassment and discrimination that may be relevant to the university and its employees;
  • Consider current legislation and university policy related to records management, access to information, and the protection of privacy that may be applicable to records related to a claim of harassment/discrimination;
  • Consider how opportunities to provide awareness among, and training for, students, faculty, and staff about the Policy may be developed;
  • Reformat the Policy to bring it into conformity with the university’s policy framework; and
  • Examine other changes necessary to additional policies as a result of the Working Group’s work.

The Working Group will make all efforts to ensure full and timely consultation with stakeholders, including Human Resources and Faculty Relations.


University Secretary (Chair)

University Ombudsman

University Legal Counsel

Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion)

University Advisor on Equity and Human Rights, or designate

Vice Provost and Dean, Student Affairs, or designate

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator

Two Faculty Senators

Chair, Senate Educational Equity Committee

AMS President, or designate

SGPS President, or designate


Membership Affiliation
M. Blennerhassett Chair, SEEC
L. Knox University Secretary
P. Lockridge AMS Designate
B. Lotan Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator
L. Newton University Legal Counsel
T. Shearer Deputy Provost (Academic Operations & Inclusion)
H. Smith University Ombudsman
A. Tierney Vice Provost and Dean, Student Affairs
C. Yung Rector
A. Grotsky SGPS President
To be determined University Advisor on Equity and Human Rights, or designate
To be determined Faculty Senator
To be determined Faculty Senator

Governance support will be provided to the Working Group by the Office of the University Secretariat.