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University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

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Ombudsman Advisory Committee

The Ombudsman shall meet at least once per year with an Advisory Committee, or more often at the call of the Chair thereof. The Advisory Committee shall be comprised of the Secretary of the University as Chair, the Provost, or delegate, a faculty member (as chosen by the Senate), a staff member[1] (as chosen by the Senate), General Counsel, the President of the AMS or delegate and the President of the SGPS or delegate.  No member of the Board of Trustees shall be eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee.

The Committee shall provide guidance, advice, and support to the Ombudsman. The Committee shall do so without becoming involved in the substance of matters and subject to the confidentiality rules governing the Office. More specifically, the Committee may advise and assist the Ombudsman in the following matters:

  1. reviewing the financial and other resource requirements of the Office to ensure adequate support and commitment to support fulfillment of the mandate of the Office;
  2. making recommendations regarding improvements to the visibility and effectiveness of the Office;
  3. maintaining the independence and impartiality of the Office;
  4. organizing a review of the Office from time to time;
  5. reviewing and commenting on the Annual Report and ensuring its’ wide distribution; and
  6. planning for the future of the Office.

The Committee shall be advisory only and shall not have any management authority over the Office of the Ombudsman, or the employees therein.

If a member of the university community believes that the Ombudsman has committed a violation of the Terms or Reference for the Office or any other policy of the University, they may submit a written complaint, detailing the alleged violation, to the Secretary of the University.  The complainant must be a party to the matter in question and no complaint shall be considered while a matter is ongoing.  The Secretary of the University may select one or more members of the university community, or an individual from outside of the community if preferable, to review the matter, and report back as to his/her/their findings. The Ombudsman shall be provided a fair opportunity to answer any allegations. Following the investigation, the Secretary of the University shall, take whatever action s/he deems appropriate including requesting further review, dismissing the complaint if it has been successfully answered, or proceeding with formal disciplinary action.


Membership Affiliation Status Term Ends
L. Knox University Secretary and Corporate Counsel Ex Officio  
T. Harris Interim Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Ex Officio  
L. Newton University Counsel Ex Officio  
L. Borchenko AMS President Delegate and Secretary of Internal Affairs  Ex Officio  
J. Ambraska SGPS President Ex Officio  
M. Blennerhassett Faculty Elected 2021
T. Ziembekis Staff Elected 2021

Chair:  Lon Knox
Secretary:  Rebecca Coupland

[1] Staff member defined as individuals employed at Queen’s University for at least 14 hours per week in any capacity who are not faculty or students at Queen’s University and are not covered under any Collective Agreement as recognized under the Ontario Labour Relations Board.