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University Secretariat and Legal Counsel
University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Senate Orientation Activities Review Board

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Terms of Reference

The Senate Orientation Activities Review Board (SOARB) has the responsibility and the authority to ensure that the planning, organization and conduct of Queen's Orientation adheres to Senate Orientation policies and objectives.

SOARB is purely regulatory and has two distinct functions:

  1. setting general policies for Orientation, and leaving it to the Orientation Roundtable (ORT) Committee, the Faculty Deans or designates, Faculty Society Presidents or equivalents, and student-led Orientation committees to execute those policies;

  2. observing Orientation and monitoring how policies were carried out then reporting back to the Faculties and to Senate.

In carrying out its policy-setting mandate, should it contemplate making any substantive or structural changes, SOARB will consult widely and be perceived to be doing so.

SOARB will carry out its regulatory function using as its principal set of criteria the stated goals of Orientation, and the Code of Conduct. SOARB recognizes the AVP and Dean of Student Affairs as the University official responsible for Orientation.

Prior to submitting their annual report to Senate, SOARB will invite submissions from all segments of the University and the Kingston community.

Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the responsibilities of SOARB include the authority to:

  1. Recommend to Senate policies for Orientation and to approve procedures developed to implement these policies. Propose modifications to existing policies and practices, and/or new initiatives as appropriate;

  2. Monitor and report on Orientation planning and execution;

  3. Withdraw any approvals where commitments, or understandings given at the time of approval, have not been met or are unlikely to be met;

  4. Order the termination of unsafe or unauthorized activities or events as elements of any Queen's Orientation program.

SOARB will report to the Senate in January on its review of Orientation of the previous September and on its recommendations for Orientation of the upcoming September. It will report to the AMS Assembly for information purposes.