Queen's University Engineering Society Services Incorporated

QUESSI was established by the Engineering Society to operate the Campus Bookstore.

The agreement between the Engineering Society, QUESSI and Queen's University, states that all revenues derived from the Bookstore must be used to the fullest extent possible for the development of the Bookstore as an academic resource within the University. With the exception of a monthly management fee, which reflects the Engineering Society's costs of running the Bookstore, including maintenance costs and reasonable renovation costs, all surpluses remain with the Bookstore.

The Board of Directors consists of:

  • 8 students selected by QUESSI
  • 3 members of Faculty or Alumni of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science nominated by QUESSI
  • 2 members nominated by the Senate, 1 of whom shall be a student from a faculty other than Engineering and Applied Science and the other a faculty or staff member
  • 2 members nominated by the Board of Trustees

Present Trustees representatives: A. Janikowski, T. Woodhall

Present Senate representatives: S. Caesar, P. Viveos