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Residence Committee

(as revised September 2014)

To recommend to the Senate policies that ensure student life in residence promotes the well-being of students and is complementary to the attainment of academic excellence in the University;

To advise Senior Residence Administration in all matters of policy relating to the residence system;

To support and encourage the existence of student government in residence;

Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the responsibilities of the Senate Residence Committee include:

  • reviewing and recommending residence fees in accordance with the scope of the mandate described above for the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • approving the overall process for regulating student conduct and discipline in residence.
  • developing and reviewing guidelines and policies for recruiting and admitting students to residence.
  • receiving and reviewing the annual Residence Society financial audit.
  • providing a written report annually to Senate for information.


7 Ex Officio Members
Principal (or delegate)
Executive Director, Housing and Hospitality Services
Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) (or delegate)
President, Residence Society (or delegate)
Executive Member, Residence Society (or delegate), as selected by the President of Residence Society
President, AMS (or delegate)
President, SGPS (or delegate)

2 Senate Appointees
1 faculty
1 staff

Membership Affiliation Status Term Ends
C. Pulling Principal's Delegate Ex Officio  
L. Wales Executive Director, Housing and Hospitality Services Ex Officio  
S. Tanner Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) Delegate Ex Officio  
C. Spencer Residence Society President Ex Officio  
J. Zhu Residence Society Representative Ex Officio  
TBC A.M.S. Delegate Ex Officio  
L. Peacock S.G.P.S. Delegate Ex Officio  
Vacancy Faculty (Senate Appointee) Elected  
E. Frymire Staff (Senate Appointee) Elected Sep-2021


Chair: Vacant

Secretary: M. Hamilton

Observer: C. McLeod, Director of Staffing and Finance, Student Affairs