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University Secretariat and Legal Counsel
University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Student Conduct Committee


The Student Conduct Committee shall review the residence student conduct and discipline policies and processes on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is effective, efficient and fair. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the Student Conduct Process in Residence and the Residence Rules and Regulations Handbook – Residence Rules and Regulation complies with the principles and goals outlined in the Queen’s Student Code of Conduct, the Student Appeals Rights and Discipline (SARD) Policy, and other policies and procedures that guide non-academic discipline at Queen’s.

The Student Conduct Committee shall meet on a monthly basis (or as required) throughout the year to review policies, procedures, and rules and regulations, with a view to fine-tuning the student conduct process and address new issues that arise. Recommendations for significant procedural change shall be forwarded to the Senate Residence Committee for approval. Approved recommendations will be implemented the following year, as changes during the academic term have inherent difficulties. In the event that changes need to be approved at a time when the Senate Residence Committee is not sitting, the Chair of the Senate Residence Committee is empowered to act on the committee’s behalf.

The Student Conduct Committee shall provide regular reports for information and recommendations for approval annually to the Senate Residence Committee.

Without limiting the scope of the committee, the committee may be mandated to review such matters as are referred to it by the Senate Residence Committee.


  • Chair – Coordinator, Residence Student Conduct
  • Chair, Senate Residence Committee (or designate)
  • President, Residence Society (or designate)
  • Residence Life Coordinator
  • VP Judicial Affairs, Residence Society (or designate)
  • Residence Student representative

If you have any questions regarding this sub-committee please contact the Secretary of the Residence Committee.