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Meal Plan Committee


The Meal Plan Committee shall review and comment on policy and recommendations concerning residence meal plans, with aim of helping to ensure meal plans and related services meet the needs of residence students.

Without limiting the scope of the committee, the committee may be mandated to review such matters as are referred to it by the Senate Residence Committee.

The Meal Plan Committee shall provide regular reports for information and recommendations for approval annually (if applicable) to the Senate Residence Committee.


  • Chair – Executive Director, Housing and Ancillary Services
  • Queen’s Food Services Representative (General Manager, Sodexo or designate)
  • Manager, (Finance) Housing & Ancillary Services
  • President, Residence Society (or designate)
  • President, Alma Mater Society (or designate)

If you have any questions regarding this sub-committee please contact the Secretary of the Residence Committee.