University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

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Scholarships and Student Aid

To recommend to the Senate, University policy governing undergraduate and graduate fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes, bursaries, loans and other forms of student aid;

to approve the establishment of fellowships, scholarships, medals and prizes and provide a report, at least annually, to Senate.

to award, either directly or by delegation of power to Faculties and Schools, fellowships, scholarships, medals and prizes, including entrance scholarships, and to report on these awards to the Senate;

to review annually the awards of bursaries, loans and other forms of financial aid to students.


1 Ex Officio Member

Principal or delegate

7 Elected Members

3 faculty

3 students (including at least one member of the Alma Mater Society and at least one member of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students)

1 staff


Membership Affiliation Status Term Ends
T. Alm Principal's delegate (University Registrar) Ex Officio  
D. Bryden Faculty (Archives) Elected Sep-2019
P. Oosthuizen Faculty  Elected Sep-2019
G. Campbell Faculty  Elected Sep-2020
I. Natalwalla A.M.S. Elected Sep-2020
B. Sivarajah S.G.P.S. Elected Sep-2019
A. Troiani Student Elected Sep-2020
S. Grunwell Staff Elected Sep-2020

Chair: D. Bryden

Secretary: J. Wilson


  • Appeals
  • In-course Scholarship Selection
  • Policy
  • S.W.E.P.