Campus Security and Emergency Services

Campus Security and Emergency Services

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Accident or Violent Crime Resulting in Death or Critical Injury

Community Guidelines

Critical injuries are defined as injuries that:

  • place life in jeopardy
  • make someone unconscious
  • result in a substantial loss of blood.
  • cause an arm or leg to break.
  • cause the amputation of a leg, arm or foot (but not a finger or toe).
  • cause burns to a major portion of the body.
  • cause the loss of sight in an eye.

If you witness or are involved in a critical injury, call – or have someone else call – 911 and Campus Security at ext. 36111 (external 613-533-6111) immediately. Give the exact location of the injured party, the type of injury and what, if any, first aid is being administered. Campus Security will ensure an ambulance is dispatched and send a security supervisor, trained in first aid and CPR to the scene.

Administer first aid until help arrives, using the St. John’s ABCs:

A – clear airway if blocked

B – check for breathing. If there is none, commence emergency breathing.

C – verify circulation by checking for a pulse. Apply pressure to any major bleeding and commence CPR if no pulse is present.

All accidents resulting in critical injury are reported to the Ministry of Labour; those resulting in death to the Coroners. This is done by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

Campus Security will safeguard the site until all investigations are carried out

Violent Crime Resulting in Death or Critical Injury

Primary Response

911. Tell them what happened, the exact location of the incident, the extent of the injuries to the victim (if known) and whether or not the perpetrator is still at the scene. Provide as accurate a description of the assailant as possible.  Contact Campus Security and Emergency Services at 613-533-6111 (36111 internal)

Administer first aid if it is safe to do so.

Stay on the scene, in a safe place, to assist Campus Security and emergency response teams as required.