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SeQure Safety App updated for  BB10 and up Blackberry users

March 2015

All BB10 and up Sequre Safety app users are now optimized for the physical keyboard, able to receive mass notifications (in the form of SMS messages), and otherwise improved to increase the quality of the user experience.

However, users will still need to update the Blackberry version of your app in order to take advantages of these changes.

When the BB app update was released, all BB user were prompted about an update to the Sequre Safety app.

If that prompt was not acted upon at the time, users will have to do the following:

  1. Go to the Blackberry App World, search for the Sequre Safety app, and then tap "update"
  2. The App World Icon will have a small star on it.

Once they have the latest version of the app, the user will be prompted to enter their phone number immediately at initial start up. This is so they can receive SMS mass notifications from your online dashboard.

If the user does not put in their phone number at start up (ie. they chose to "ignore" this step) but now wish to receive SMS notifications, they must follow the steps below:

Open your safety app

  1. Go to "About/Preferences" (usually at the bottom of the main menu)
  2. Tap "Notifications"
  3. Tap "Enable". The user will then be prompted to enter their phone number
  4. Enter the phone number and tap "Ok". The user will now be signed up for SMS messages from your dashboard.