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Protect Your Property

The following information will help you to keep your personal belongings safe.

Tips to protect against "smash & grab" thefts

Laptop computers are the usual target of choice. These thefts have occurred in offices, libraries, Residence rooms, and homes. The break, enter, and theft takes place within a matter of seconds and even intrusion alarm systems on their own may not provide sufficient protection against this type of opportunity crime.

Campus Security offers the following advice to increase your level of protection:

  • Record and keep in a secure location the make, model, serial number, and original cost of your computer.
  • Inspect your area for locations where laptop computers or other expensive types of equipment are visible from ground floor exterior windows. 
  • Instruct office workers with laptop computers to disconnect them each evening and lock them in a secure location such as a filing cabinet with a lock.
  • Close and lock your door when your office, work area, Residence room or home is left unoccupied. Keep your keys on you at all times.
  • Computers owned by the university should be indelibly marked in an obvious location as "Queen's University, 'YOUR DEPARTMENT' ". Use an indelible marker or an electric scribe (the later is available for sign out at Campus Security at no charge). This makes it very difficult to sell the computer on the street.
  • Back up your data frequently. Consult with your departmental IT representative to determine the method best for you.
  • If you are considering a new computer purchase, determine if you actually need a laptop computer. The size, portability, and additional value of a laptop computer is what makes them so attractive to thieves.
  • Report suspicious individuals promptly to Campus Security's Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6111.

Protect your laptop or computer

Valuable property of any type is an attractive target for any thief. Increasingly popular items are computers, computer equipment and especially laptops. On our campus, thieves interested in laptops have targeted residence rooms, offices and the libraries.

We suggest taking the following preventative measures to protect your valuables.

  • Keep your laptop with you at all times. Do not leave it unattended, even for a short period of time, in your office, in the libraries, bookstores,  cafeterias or anywhere. If you are leaving your residence room or office, ensure that your door is closed and locked. If you require more reference material in the library, take your laptop and other valuables with you.
  • Secure desktop computers and laptops to stationary objects.
  • Keep your laptop away from accessible windows where the thief can quickly break the window, reach in and remove the machine from your desktop. If you’re on the ground floor, draw your blinds after-hours.
  • Record the make, model and serial number of the computer and any peripheral attached devices. Keep these numbers in a safe place so if your computer is stolen, you can pass on the information to Campus Security.
  • Identify your computer. An engraved social security number will lead police directly to you should your laptop ever be recovered.
  • Always maintain an up-to-date backup copy of your data, stored in a separate location.
  • Regularly change your password and log out of your system when you are not using it.

Report all suspicious people to Campus Security at 613-533-6111.

Protect your bicycle

  • Bicycle racks are provided across the campus and have been positioned in well lit, high traffic locations for your convenience. If your bicycle is obstructing building entrances, exits or is locked to a wheelchair ramp, tree or Blue Light Emergency Phone, it will be removed and held by Queen's Parking. More information can be obtained by phoning 613-533-6979 (ext. 36979).
  • Consider using the University's Secure Bicycle Compound
  • Register your bicycle on the Kingston Police Bicycle Registry
  • Alternatively, download and print off the Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips (PDF 64 KB) along with its own Bicycle Information Form and Process for Reporting Theft to Police [produced by Kingston Police].

We strongly discourage you from bringing very expensive bicycles on campus because these bicycles AND their components are most frequently targeted by thieves. Purchase a cheaper bicycle for transportation to and from classes if you can afford to do so.