Campus Security and Emergency Services

Campus Security and Emergency Services

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Working on campus
  • Do not leave items unattended for any length of time. Lock your room or office when leaving it, even for a few minutes.
  • Try to work with another person if you are staying past regular hours.
  • If you are uncomfortable working alone, keep your door locked. Inform Campus Security and Emergency Services where you are working, what time you expect to leave, and call them when you leave. Security can check on you.
  • When you leave, consider calling the Walkhome Service (613-533-WALK) to walk you home, or Campus Security (613-533-6080) to escort you across campus.
  • If you see someone acting in a suspicious manner, report it to Campus Security and Emergency Services by calling 613-533-6080 or by using one of the campus's emergency or security phones. This can discourage those who would violate the rights of others and yourself.

Report all broken locks, windows and doors to Fixit at 613-533-6000 ext. 77301

On the street
  • Consider arranging to walk with a friend or contacting the Queen's AMS Walkhome Service (613-533-WALK) or Campus Security and Emergency Services (613-533-6080) rather than walking alone.
  • Plan your route and avoid shortcuts and unlit areas. Campus lighting has been and continues to be upgraded, and emergency phones have been installed to create faster emergency access.
  • Familiarize yourself with the locations of the emergency phones along your routes, and if a situation causes you to feel fear or concern, use them. For a map of emergency phone locations, see our Campus Phones page.
In residence
  • Do not prop the buildings’ doors open.
  • Do not leave your room door unlocked when you are away, sleeping or even in the shower.
  • Do not give strangers access to the building. If they are legitimate visitors, they can call their host to let them in.
  • Purchase small safe or locked filing cabinet to secure valuables.
In your car
  • Consider calling Queen's Campus Security and Emergency Services (613-533-6733) to walk you to your car.  
  • Lock your car when leaving it and lock your car upon entering it.  
  • Have your keys ready so that you do not need to linger before entering your car. 
  • Check your car before entering to ensure that no one is hiding in the back seat.
At home
  • Lock your door even when at home. Individuals with questionable intentions have been known to wander into residences in spite of people being present.
  • Avoid putting your first name on your mailbox and on correspondence - use your first initial instead.
  • Consider leaving your outdoor lights on at night in order to eliminate dark areas in your neighbourhood; this will likely increase your monthly utility bill by $1-$2.
  • When renting a phone, use your first initial for the Kingston phone book. You also have the option during registration of not listing your name in the Who's Where.

For information on what to do in the event of sexual violence, please see:

Sexual violence: Assault, Abuse and Harassment

Information about date rape drugs

Watch your drink for substances commonly used to facilitate sexual assault.

In recent years a new kind of rape threat has reared it's ugly head at parties, on campuses and in nightclubs - so called "predator" or "date rape" drugs. What exactly are date rape drugs? Technically speaking, any substance that renders you incapable of saying no or asserting yourself and your needs can be used to commit rape.

To protect yourself always follow these simple rules:

  1. Don't accept open drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) from others who you do not know or do not trust; this includes drinks that come in a glass.
  2. When in bars or clubs always get your drink directly from the bartender and do not take your eyes off the bartender or your order; don't use the waitress or let somebody go to the bar for you.
  3. At parties, only accept drinks in close containers: bottles, cans or tetra packs.<
  4. Never leave your drink unattended or turn your back on your table.
  5. Do not drink from open beverage sources like punch bowls, pitchers or tubs.
  6. Keep your eyes and ears open; if there is talk of date rape drugs or if friends seem "too intoxicated" for what they have taken, leave the party or club immediately and don't go back!

There are many types of "date rape" drugs, including Ketamine, Rohypnol and GHB. Students are advised to take steps to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of these drugs: always go out with trusted friends.

– Safety tips source: