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September 29, 2016 - Increase in Personal Property Thefts

Campus Security has noted a recent increase in personal property thefts on campus resulting from items left unattended or in unsecured areas.

Laptop computers, cell phones, cash, bicycles, and other valuables have recently been stolen while left unsecured or unattended even for just a brief period of time.

Please remember to use a lock on lockers, never leave valuables unattended in a public area, and to keep the door to your residence room or home off-campus locked at all times whether you are home or not.

In a recent media release, Detectives with the Kingston Police Property Crime Unit reminded residents and students to secure their homes and apartments when leaving for work, class, vacation or elsewhere, and not to leave valuables open in plain view.

Police normally see an increase in reported break and enters as well as bicycle thefts when post-secondary students return to Kingston, as thieves know there to be target-rich environments. Higher quality bicycle locks are often worth the extra cost to dissuade thieves, as are those for locker room facilities.

As a reminder, Kingston Police posted a video interview on its YouTube channel of a convicted break and enter offender from 2014, who advises of the ease in accessing unlocked homes in mainly student-occupied areas.