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Campus Security and Emergency Services

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Contract Security

Campus Security provides contract security to university departments and affiliated groups on a limited basis to monitor campus events or for other specialized purposes. Please note that there is a three-hour minimum commitment for Campus Security contracts.

Campus Security can also arrange to provide Kingston Police Constables for special events on campus. Please note that there is a four-hour minimum commitment for Kingston Police contracts.

Longer term contract security can also be arranged through Campus Security based on the needs of the department or organization making the request.

Campus Security requires notice of five business days for small events that require one or two Security Patrols, and ten business days for larger events that require Security Supervisors or several Security Patrols.

Please note that certain conditions and restrictions may apply to contract security. Contracts are limited to Queen's University campus only. As Queen's University is considered private property, any contract security must be booked and coordinated through Campus Security acting on behalf of the university. Campus Security reserves the right to determine appropriate staffing levels for any event or refuse contracts on the basis of staff safety and availability. Kingston Police also reserve the right to determine appropriate staffing levels for any event or refuse contracts on the basis of Officer safety or availability.

All accounts are due within 30 days of the date of invoice.

Rates for May 1 2021 - April 30 2022

  • Security Patrollers (part-time, casual) - $25.00* per person/hour ($37.50* per person/hour for Statutory holidays and for hours that qualify as overtime).
  • Security Practitioners (full‐time) ‐ $34.00* per person/hour,  $51.00* per person/hour for hours that qualify as overtime, and $68.00* on Sundays (Double Time)
  • Supervisors ‐ $48.00* per person/hour, $72.00* per person/hour for hours that qualify as overtime, and $96.00* on Sundays (Double Time)

*$50.00 administration fee for Security Contracts.

Campus Security reserves the right to substitute staff subject to availability and operational  requirements.  *13% HST applies to organizations external to Queen's University. 

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