Queen's Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
Sexual Violence Prevention and Response


Recent changes to the Policy on Sexual Violence Involving Students have resulted in a new requirement for all employees (excluding Health Care Providers) who receive a disclosure of sexual violence to notify the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator. 
Information sessions have been scheduled  to provide more information to those who might receive a disclosure. Sessions will focus on how to respond effectively to a disclosure and on the notification process.  Please note, you only need to register for one of the sessions, not multiple sessions. The sessions are 2 hours in duration.  
On-line training is also available. The focus of the on-line training is on effective response to a disclosure. The module may take up to 3 hours to complete if all components are accessed.  A certificate of completion is available for participants who successfully complete the embedded quizzes.  The Queen's University Notification process is NOT covered in this module. 
Information about the Notification Process and links to register for either in-person or on-line sessions are available on the Faculty/Staff page.  
If you are a manager/supervisor and would like to organize a unit specific session, please contact Barb Lotan, SVPRC at bjl7@queensu.ca.   
If you require assistance for more urgent questions, please contact the SVPRC at bjl7@queensu.ca  or x 36330.  
Please note, the document linked below is currently being revised. An updated version will be distributed in early fall. Changes to the SV Policy are NOT reflected in this document.