Queen's Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

Section 10 of the sexual violence policy requires that all employees who receive a disclosure of sexual violence from a student provide the student with information about the policy and supports available. 

Additionally, the employee must notify the SVPRC.  Information which identifies the student should only be shared with the student's consent. 

The notification form can be accessed HERE.  

On December 4, 2020, the Board of Trustees approved revisions to the SV Policy. Information sessions about the policy were offered in early 2021 for interested faculty and staff. The focus of these 60 minute sessions was on policy revisions, roles and responsibilities of employees who receive a disclosure of sexual violence from a student and how to respond to a disclosure.  The sessions included a 10-15 minute Q&A opportunity.  Presented by Barb Lotan, Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator.  The slide deck from those presentations is available in pdf, below.  

SV Policy Info Session Slides       

How to Respond to Disclosures: Guide for Employees

You may be the first to hear a disclosure of sexual violence from a student.  You may be asked to provide accommodations, make referrals or otherwise support a student in need.  Please familiarize yourself with the most recent versions of policies and procedures with application across the University on matters of sexual violence involving our students.   

It is important to know that students may access all supports and services on campus and they should be provided with appropriate academic considerations/accommodations regardless of when or where the sexual violence occurred.  Students may disclose sexual violence and access supports, services, and accommodations without making a formal report either to the University or to the police.  

Additional information and training on responding to disclosures of sexual violence is available at http://respondingtodisclosuresoncampus.com/

This on-line training module does not address Queen's University policies specifically.  It is an excellent resource for general information about sexual violence and how to support students who have experienced sexual violence.