Queen's Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

What information is needed in the notification?

The SVPRC needs to know:

  • the date of disclosure,
  • the name of the person receiving the disclosure and associated department/faculty/unit
  • email and phone extension of the person making the notification,
  • with consent, the name of the student who has made the disclosure,
  • with consent, the QU email address of the student,
  • with consent, the student #, and 
  • indicate if you would like the SVPRC to contact you (prior to following up with the student) for any reason related to the disclosure? (reasons for this request could include the need to share additional information related to safety)

How should the notification be made?

Please use the SUBMIT NOTIFICATION option under the Faculty/Staff tab to make your notification.  

What happens after the SVPRC is notified?  

The SVPRC will confirm receipt of the notification.  Additionally, beyond the confirmation, if the person making the notification has requested that the SVPRC contact them, this will be done before any other action is taken. Then, if the student has consented to the sharing of information, the SVPRC will contact the student who has made the disclosure. Contact will be made by email.  The purpose of this contact is to offer additional support and services to the student.  The student may decide not to engage with the SVPRC and may choose not to respond to the email.  The SVPRC will not pursue a student who does not wish to engage unless there is an indication of a safety risk.  Beyond confirmation of receipt of the notification, employees who submit a notification will not be kept up to date as to the status of the follow up unless the student directs the SVPRC to do that. 

What if the student does not consent to the sharing of information?

The person who received the notification should provide information about supports and services available to the student and ensure that they know how to contact the SVPRC should they wish to initiate contact at a later date.  Agreeing on a plan for next steps or follow-up with the student may be helpful depending on the context in which the disclosure was made.  Employees can consult with the SVPRC for information and advice without revealing the identity of the student.