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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

2017 Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision — Recipients

The School of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce Dr. David Lyon (Sociology) and Dr. Suning Wang (Chemistry), as the recipients of the 2017 Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision. Drs. Lyon and Wang will be recognized at Fall Convocation, 2017, where they will receive the award. Honorary Mention goes to Dr. John Freeman (Education), posthumously, recognized as a gifted supervisor who had a major and lasting impact on his students, both in their personal and professional lives.

The School of Graduate Studies congratulates the winners and thanks them for their leadership, mentorship, and contributions to enriching the academic experience of their graduate students.

David Lyon

Director of the Surveillance Studies Centre and Professor of Sociology and Professor of Law, David Lyon has supervised 28 graduate students to completion, each of whom has benefited from his full commitment and support. His students come from around the world, and the international mix of supervisees highlights his profile as an award-winning, international scholar with tremendous impact. Under his supervision, students enjoy the opportunity to mix with others from different backgrounds, life-experiences, and educational training. Dr. Lyon provides his students with opportunities to meet other international scholars, present at high profile conferences, and feel at home within a global community of researchers. Dr. Lyon is praised by current and past students for challenging them academically as well as helping them grow as individuals. His students value the strong personal and scholarly bonds they have formed with him; while they rely on his expertise and scholarly advice, they also share time in conversation, exploring everything from the simple problems of everyday life to profound philosophical issues. Dr. Lyon’s students have excelled in their academic endeavours, and his students have gone on to successful careers around the world in academic and non-academic settings.            

Suning Wang

Professor of Chemistry at Queen’s since 1996 and currently University Research Chair, Dr. Wang has supervised 13 MSc and 24 PhD students, as well as 18 postdoctoral fellows. The caliber of her supervision and mentorship is evident in the success of her graduate students in winning prestigious academic prizes, fellowships, and their success in faculty positions, and research careers in industrial and government laboratories. Dr. Wang’s students credit her with supporting life-changing personal growth, stemming from her care and concern for each student as an individual. She challenges her students to think critically about science, ask difficult and important questions, ethically communicate scientific findings, and continually grow as researchers. Dr. Wang is always available to her students and helps them stay on track, but she lets them make mistakes so that they gain a sense of ownership over their projects. Beyond encouraging and supporting her students in writing manuscripts for publication, preparing conference presentations, learning new techniques, and interacting with an international community of scholars, she never loses sight of the fact that they are people living complicated lives. Dr. Wang makes an effort to get to know each of her students individually and is deeply invested in their success. She shares her own curiosity and passion for academic research while also respecting and accepting students’ individual ambitions. In the words of one of her students, “it is this combination of personal and professional investment in her students as individuals that makes Dr. Wang a truly exceptional graduate supervisor.”