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School of Graduate Studies

3MT Kick Off Promises Serious Competition 

Heat 1 of the 2017 Queen's Three Minute Thesis Event saw eight graduate students running neck and neck towards the final competition with impressive presentations on a range of topics: protecting users from the threats of future devices; how couples navigate sexual issues; the impact of neighbourhoods on walking and biking; learning how to win “the graduate game;” patterns in flu data; the relationship between eating and happiness/depression; harnessing the power of plans to clean up contamination; and the cultural effects of climate change at Chavin de Huantar in Peru.

A plethora of information presented in less than a half an hour to today’s judges: Michel White (Queen’s Research Services Librarian), Dr. Allison Murray (Art Conservation) and Kimberley Sutherland-Mills (Kingston Frontenac Public Library). We are grateful to them for making the difficult decisions that drive our competition forward. We were also glad to see a full-house of audience members vote for the People’s Choice Award.

Drumroll… and going to the Final next week… on Thursday, March 30… will be:

Winner – Rosanna Brown (Art History)
Runner Up and People's Choice – Kassandra Yun (Environmental Studies)
3rd Place: Caroline Wallace (Neuroscience)
4th Place* - Claire Boteler (Mathematics and Statistics)

*As the Runner Up is also the People’s Choice, the 4th Place winner will also progress to the Final.

To find out more about their presentations, join us at the Final!

Participants and Judges
Heat 1 Participants and Judges