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School of Graduate Studies

Allan English and Hossam Hassanein receive Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision

November 2015

Prof. English and Prof. Hassanein receive award

Profs. Hassanein (left) and English receive the award

at convocation on November 17

Two professors are being recognized by the School of Graduate Studies for their excellence in supervision and mentorship. Hossam Hassanein and Allan English are the 2015 recipients of the Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision. The award recognizes outstanding supervisors who demonstrate excellence in advising and mentoring graduate students through their training.

Dr. Allan English has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels for 28 years at the Royal Military College of Canada, at Queen’s, and at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.  He started teaching at Queen’s in 1993, and has supervised to completion 11 PhD and 18 MA students.  He is currently supervising five PhD students. His students have published five books and numerous scholarly articles based on their graduate work at Queen’s.

Dr. English specializes in Canadian military history, and some of his current research is focused on how lessons learned from historical experience can be applied to improve military, veteran and family health policies and practices.  Dr. English has been a researcher with the Canadian Institute of Military, Veteran and Family Health, a focal point for 37 Canadian universities working together to address the health research requirements of the Canadian military, since its inception in 2010. He has encouraged his students to engage in this growing field of historical enquiry, and a number of them have availed themselves of this opportunity.  Dr. English is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Military Veteran and Family Health and a Fel­low of the Centre for International and Defence Policy.

Students have commented that they have appreciated Dr. English’s encouragement to publish widely and frequently, and to aim high.  In today’s changing job market they have also appreciated his advice to engage in "entrepreneurial thinking", and a number of his students have gone on to successful careers outside of academe where they have leveraged skills acquired in their graduate experience at Queen’s to create business opportunities.  Students have found Dr. English’s initiative to create a learning community of past and current students to assist each other in their research and work to be extremely beneficial.  They have also valued his commitment to increasing the use of evidence-based educational practices in teaching history, as well as his advice to engage their own students with active learning approaches wherever possible.

 Allan is grateful to his students for all they have taught him and for the many ways in which they have enriched his life.

Dr. Hossam Hassanein is a Professor in the School of Computing at Queen’s, specializing in the areas of broadband, wireless and variable topology networks architecture, protocols, control and performance evaluation.  Dr. Hassanein obtained his PhD in Computing Science from the University of Alberta in 1990.  He is the founder and director of the Queen’s Telecommunications Research Lab in the School of Computing.  Dr. Hassanein is a former Chair of the IEEE Communication Society Technical Committee on Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (TC AHSN).  He is an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Speaker since 2011 and previously, from 2008 to 2010, an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer.

Since joining Queen’s in 1999, Dr. Hassanein has graduated 35 doctoral students and 48 master’s students who have gone on to successful academic and industry careers.  Together with his students, Dr. Hassanein has published three books, over 300 conference papers and 90 journal papers, all in top venues.  Over 95% of his publications are first-authored by students.  Dr. Hassanein strives for excellence, novelty and rigour, as reflected in the nine best paper awards received in flagship conferences of papers co-authored with students.

Dr. Hassanein holds weekly individual meetings with his graduate students, and maintains an open-door policy.  He also holds a weekly lab meeting in which members present their work and invited scholars give presentations.  He hands out an annual “Telecommunications Research Excellence Award” to the top achieving student in the academic year.  In the words of a former student: “Dr. Hassanein always keeps a multitude of research directions active in his lab, and he steers the evolution of these directions as the research- and market-trends evolve, sometimes pioneering trends even before they take a clear-cut shape”.

Dr. Hassanein is highly regarded by his students for his “encouragement, sound advice, high-quality teaching, good company, and countless ideas”.