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School of Graduate Studies

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Application & Admissions

As you prepare your application for admission, please check the tabs below to find out about particular program requirements, deadlines and how to apply. Also note the two admission regulations described below.

Equity admission regulation: Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies is committed to enhancing diversity in graduate education which includes ensuring mechanisms for applications from prospective students who may not have had opportunity and advantage equal to others to be considered. In recognition that life circumstance may prohibit, present barriers, and/or discourage access to pursue advanced degrees, due consideration shall be given by the applicable graduate program personnel to the non-academic factors identified by the applicant, and the applicant’s special circumstances and unique qualities. Traditional measures of an applicant’s academic performance will be considered accordingly.

Indigenous 1 student admission regulation: Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies welcomes and encourages inquiries and applications for all our graduate programs from Indigenous candidates. Indigenous candidates’ academic, cultural, personal and professional background, and other factors indicative of capacity for graduate level study and research, will be considered and evaluated accordingly on an individual basis by the applicable graduate program personnel.

To be considered under this regulation, applicants must self-identify as Indigenous upon application for admission to Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies.

1 For the purposes of this regulation, Indigenous is defined as First Nation, Métis and Inuit (FNMI).

The following is a summary of links to get you started on applying to the Queen's School of Graduate Studies

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The Application Process

Ensure you have everything you need to apply before the deadline and then just follow the steps!


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