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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Career Week 2015

From 19th to 23rd October, Career Week for Graduate students and Post-Doctoral Fellows took place on campus for the second year.  Throughout the week over 300 students attended the various workshops on offer - from getting a better on line presence, preparing yourself for an academic, public or private sector job and generally how grad students and post-docs can prepare for a career with the many skills learnt during their studies.

The week culminated with the Networking Reception held at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.  A chance for grad students and post-docs to practice speaking to people they may not know, to introduce themselves and their research and to ask questions about how our alumni, staff, faculty approached seeking their jobs.

Of course a week like this can't happen without the support of many people and departments.  The School of Graduate Studies would like to thank all our guest speakers, faculty, staff, alumni, Career Services, SGPS, CTL, Alumni Office and the Campus Bookstore.

Career week 2015 collage

L to R: 1. Anne Krook, 2. panel discussion 3. Networking reception at the Agnes. 4. Grad students & Post-docs talk with alumni, staff, faculty and local businesses