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Congratulations to Queen's Trudeau Scholar: Bailey Gerrits

​June 9, 2015

Bailey Gerrits, PhD student in Political Studies, has been awarded the prestigious Trudeau Scholarship.

In her doctoral research, Bailey is investigating recent news coverage relating to domestic violence in Canada, examining the potential influence of news discourses on public policy, and engaging stakeholders to understand their perceptions of news patterns. Her research centers on questions of Canadian nationalism, racialization, and gender equality. Bailey was awarded a Joseph-Armand Bombardier doctoral scholarship.

Bailey holds a bachelor of arts (honours) and a master of arts in political science from the University of Alberta. She received the Duncan Alexander MacGibbon Medal in Political Science for academic excellence during her undergraduate degree. Bailey has researched how women and men politicians in Canada are covered differently in the news (gendered mediation). Bailey has also researched activism, gender-based violence, and anti-violence awareness campaigns in the contexts of South Africa and Canada.

Bailey volunteers for various organizations that focus on ending sexualized violence and other human rights violations against women and men, including Kingston Interval House (where she sits on the Board of Directors), the Sexual Assault Center Kingston, and the White Ribbon Campaign Kingston. Bailey is also engaged on campus. As a member of the Better Futures collective, she co-organized a symposium entitled “Colonial Intimacies: Remapping the Relationship between Black and Indigenous Communities.” Combining her academic passion for media analysis with her community leadership in the field of gender-based violence has profoundly shaped Bailey’s vision of violence prevention initiatives and human rights discourses; it is this passion that largely motivates her doctoral research.

More information about Bailey Gerrits's research on the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation website.