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School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Supervision

Graduate Supervision

Working closely with a supervisor in the development of a research project is an integral part of most degrees.

Clear understanding of expectations can help maintain the productivity of this essential relationship. Queen's offers several resources to help you manage this important relationship, including handbooks and advisory services.

Work with your supervisor to envision a research project that matters to you and your field, and that reflects the form of scholarship you wish to pursue. You can get some inspiration by reading some example theses, dissertations and culminating projects.

Nominate your supervisor for the "Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision"Here's how! (PDF 717KB)

Graduate Supervision Policy

The School of Graduate Studies has created a Graduate Supervision Policy, approved by Senate in January 2022. The policy is intended to support productive supervisory relationships and promote a thriving research culture by outlining the roles and responsibilities of graduate students, supervisors, supervisory committees, graduate programs, and the SGS regarding academic supervision for graduate studies within the SGS. The policy was created after an extensive consultation process with students, faculty, and staff and is available on the University Secretariat and Legal Council website.

The following guides provide key information from the policy to support discussions between graduate students and supervisors:

Handbooks and Workshops

The School of Graduate Studies has created the Guide to Graduate Supervision (PDF, 485 KB), which offers graduate students, faculty, and other departmental members the guidelines needed to foster productive working relationships between supervisors and graduate students. Additionally, you may wish to review the SGS Productive Supervisory Relationship guide (PDF, 962KB) on discussing expectations with your supervisor.

The Student Wellness Office has created the Supervisory Relationships (PDF, 2.08 MB) booklet for students that provides you with guidance and helpful tips about how to make the most of your supervisory relationship.

Expanding Horizons provides workshops on communication and interpersonal skills that help you to build and manage your relationship with your supervisor.

Advisory Programs and Counseling

Sometimes, problems arise with your supervisor. If this happens, try to seek help as early as possible. The SGS Habitat offers information on resources available on campus to ensure you get the guidance and support you need.