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Registration and Fees

Registration and Fees

Find everything you need to know about your registration and fees here! Below is important information about what you need to do as a new student, tuition payment options, course registration, academic accommodations, and changing your registration status (for reasons such as maternity or parental leave, medical leave, changes from full-time to part-time status, among others).

For New students: Your offer from Queen's

Most applicants are offered admission on the "condition" of successful completion of the current undergraduate honours degree (or master’s degree), and, receipt of an official transcript showing that the degree was awarded.

After receipt and review of your official final transcript, you will receive an offer of a final acceptance. This acceptance will be sent to you via the online application system (those who applied electronically) or through regular postal mail (those who applied using a paper application). If convocation for your previous degree is pending, your transcript may not indicate that the degree was granted. In this case, you are required to provide a separate, original, signed statement indicating that the degree requirements have been completed and the date of your convocation. This should be provided by the Faculty or School who administered the degree, and not the home department in which you studied.

Make sure you accept our offer of admission. You may have already done this. To confirm, return to the online application site and login with your userid and password.

If on your display page, the words "Offer accepted" are displayed to you, this means that you previously accepted our offer, either online, or by reporting to the department to which you applied, that you accepted our offer. If these words do not appear, this means we do not have your response to our offer of admission. You must open your emailed letter of admission, and click the “Continue” button to proceed to our online applicant response page, fill in the required information, and click "Submit". We would appreciate receiving your response as soon as possible.

If you were offered admission to the Master's programs in Occupational or Physical Therapy, you should respond to our offer using ORPAS (the Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service).

If you have decided not to attend Queen's University, please contact us so that we can update our records.

Your Queen’s student number should appear on your offer of admission letter, and on your online application site.  If you do not see your student number, please call the School of Graduate Studies office on 1-613-533-6100. We cannot provide you with your student number by email, due to confidentiality requirements. You will need your student number to be set up your Queen’s NetID, and your Queen’s email  address.

International students must go to the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) to confirm arrangements for your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). You may also apply online through the QUIC website prior to your arrival in Kingston.

For all students: Tuition and other Fee Payments

Tuition Fees

Pay your Fees or make Fee Payment Arrangements: Information on fee payment methods and deadlines is available on the Office of the University Registrar's website

All graduate students must choose and set up a fee payment method prior to registering, annually. Full payment of tuition and fees must be made before you register and by September 30, 2018 (Fall term) and by January 10, 2019 (Winter term), and by May 1, 2019 (Summer term) OR you must enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan through the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

Check the Queen’s University fee tables to see the tuition assessment for your program.

Call the Fees Hotline 613-533-6894 with any questions about tuition assessment or payment.

Student Activity Fees

Student activity fees are established by campus-wide referenda. Student activity and faculty society fees are assessed to students registered on-campus in the School of Graduate Studies, the School of Religion, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Education. The SGPS Health and Dental Plan fees are assessed in September only to on-campus students. The Society of Graduate & Professional Students administer these fees. Please read the documentation carefully as there are some  exclusions and some important deadlines to be aware of such as opt-out periods.

Registering for Courses

For information about registration Fall 2018, go to the Office of the University Registrar's website.

Graduate courses are normally selected in consultation with your supervisor and/or departmental graduate coordinator. Currently, only a few graduate programs permit graduate students to self-enroll in their courses in the Student On-Line University System (SOLUS).  Please contact your program’s Graduate Assistant who can register you in your courses and/or provide more information about this step.

Accommodating Students with Disabilities

The School of Graduate Studies is committed to accommodating graduate students with disabilities.  For more information, see the Accommodations policy and the Graduate Handbook on Accommodating Students with Disabilities.

Changing your status - SGS Regulations

Please follow the links below for the specific School of Graduate Studies regulation pertaining to the change of status that you are requesting.

Student Activity Fees

Part-time or inactive students are automatically considered to be "Off-Campus". This means no student activity fees will be charged, and you will have no access to certain university facilities and organizations. If you want or need access to these facilities please contact the School of Graduate Studies to arrange "On Campus" status. Information regarding Student Activity Fees is available from the Office of the University Registrar.

This change of status does not automatically result in any adjustment for the fees assessed or required for the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) health and dental plan for graduate students. You must contact SGPS yourself to make any necessary arrangements. The contact information is: SGPS, Room 021, John Deutsch University Centre, Queen's University Kingston ON K7L 3N6 , tel. (613) 533-2924 fax. (613) 533-6376. Email:

Tuition Fees

Students who transfer from full-time to part-time are assessed half the full-term tuition fee while registered part-time.

Students who change to inactive status due to maternity/parental or medical leave will not pay tuition fees for the period of approved inactive status.

A change of registration status does not automatically result in any adjustment of tuition and fees already assessed. Students must contact the Office of the University Registrar - Records and Services to make any changes to the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (ph. 613-533-6894). Adjustments made after the 15th day of the month will be applied the following month. Students must also contact the Society of Graduate and Professional Studies (SGPS) to have health and dental fees adjusted or cancelled (ph. 613-533-2924).

Students must return their student card to have student activity fees refunded or recalculated.

Student Loans

Changing to part-time or inactive status may impact your repayment requirements to OSAP or other student loan provider. Contact your loan provider before officially changing your status.

Continuation of your Change in Status

To be considered for a continuation of part-time or inactive status, you must re-apply by the end of the period covered by your current request. If you do not re-apply, or, if a subsequent request is not granted, your study status will automatically revert to full-time status, with all the corresponding fees.

Have a Question?

If you require additional information, please contact the School of Graduate Studies at 613-533-6100 or by email at . The School is located in Gordon Hall, 4th Floor.

Complete the training in research ethics - CORE (if applicable)

If your research involves human participants, you are required to complete a short online tutorial known as the Course on Research Ethics (CORE).  When the CORE online tutorial is successfully completed a personal certificate will be generated, which students must save as proof that they completed the training. Graduate students will also be required to include this certificate when submitting projects for research ethics approval.

More information, and a link to the CORE online tutorial, can be found on the University Research Services website 

At Queen’s University, any research project that involves human subjects must receive ethics approval of one of the university’s Ethics Board prior to the start of the project.  Health Sciences students submit to the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board (HSREB).  For details, go to the HSREB section of the Office of Research Services website  

Non-health sciences students submit to the General Research Ethics Board (GREB). For details, go to the GREB section of the Office of Research Services website  

To determine if your planned research project requires this approval, contact the General Research Ethics Office 

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Contact the School of Graduate Studies if you have any questions about registration and fees.