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What is Grad Chat?

A 30 minute radio show featuring one to two graduate students each week.  This is an opportunity for our grad students to showcase their research to the Queen's and Kingston community and how it affects us.  From time to time we will also interview a post-doc or an alum or interview grad students in relation to something topical for the day.

Grad Chat is a collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies and CFRC 101.9FM

How To Sign Up

Just print off and fill in the "Interviewee Form" (70KB).  Return it to Colette in the SGS office at 

Actual interviews are done on Mondays between 10:00am and 12:00pm each week in the CFRC recording rooms.  A schedule will be organised with those who have signed up already.

Opportunities of Grad Chat

  • For grad students to showcase their research to a bigger audience
  • For grad students to practice talking to the media
  • For Queen’s and Kingston to hear about graduate research on campus
  • As a recruitment tool via the podcasts made which will be posted on our website and program websites.
  • For our alumni to talk about what they researched and where they are now to show grad degree employability

Upcoming Episodes

Grad Chat Winter Schedule

February 23rd 2021

photo of Annie Jian

Annie Jian, Masters student in Earth and Energy Resources Leadership 

Topic: ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in the Canadian energy sector

Overview:  I am taking a deep dive into sustainability reporting for major Canadian energy companies to identify gaps and key areas that are material to their business, which may help to de-risk some of the social, political, and technological issues as well as public perception related to different types of energy development (fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables etc.).  

March 2nd 2021

Trinda Penniston

Trinda Penniston, MSc candidate, Psychology, supervised by Dr Meredith Chivers

Topic: Racialized sexual attractions and sexual responses

Overview:  I’m specifically interested in examining Black people’s sexual responses relative to white people’s.

I am currently seeking research participants (adults 18+) especially from self-identified Black folks, but people of any race/ethnicity are welcome to participate.  For more information please go to our research webpage within the SAGE lab .     

March 9th 2021

Diane Whitelaw

Diane Whitelaw, PhD candidate, History, supervised by Dr Mark Epprecht

Topic: Zambian Political History.

Overview:  I am studying the Chona Commission, a constitutional review commission that ushered in the era of the single party state in post colonial Zambia, 1972/3

March 16th 2021

Isabella Aung

Isabella Aung PhD candidate, Political Studies, supervised by Dr Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant & Dr Stephanie Martel

Topic: Women’s Representation in New Democracies: Underrepresentation of Ethnic Minority Women in Burmese Politics.

Overview:  My research will investigate how political parties’ actions and attitudes contribute to this underrepresentation, particularly in regions with high concentrations of ethnic minorities.

March 23rd 2021

Crystal Hardy

Crystal Hardy Zongwe Binesikwe, PhD candidate, Nursing, supervised by Dr Mary Smith

Topic: Decolonizing health care practices.

Overview:  Currently still under discussion as we have proposed a decolonized thesis using an Indigenous framework.  More to tell on the show!

March 30th 2021

Diane Whitelaw

Madison Robertson, PhD candidate, Health Quality, supervised by Dr Rylan Egan

Topic: Understanding the lived experiences of spouses who are separated in long-term care facilities. .

Overview:  The aim of my research is to explore the lived experiences of older adults who are separated from their partners in two separate long-term care facilities – specifically in relation to feelings of loneliness and isolation