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What is Grad Chat?

A 30 minute radio show featuring one to two graduate students each week.  This is an opportunity for our grad students to showcase their research to the Queen's and Kingston community and how it affects us.  From time to time we will also interview a post-doc or an alum or interview grad students in relation to something topical for the day.

Grad Chat is a collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies and CFRC 101.9FM

How To Sign Up

Just print off and fill in the "Interviewee Form" (70KB).  Return it to Colette in the SGS office at 

Actual interviews are done on Mondays between 10:00am and 12:00pm each week in the CFRC recording rooms.  A schedule will be organised with those who have signed up already.

Opportunities of Grad Chat

  • For grad students to showcase their research to a bigger audience
  • For grad students to practice talking to the media
  • For Queen’s and Kingston to hear about graduate research on campus
  • As a recruitment tool via the podcasts made which will be posted on our website and program websites.
  • For our alumni to talk about what they researched and where they are now to show grad degree employability

Upcoming Episodes

January 22nd, 2019

David More

John David More, PhD in History of Pre-Confederation Canada, supervised by Professor Jane Errington.

Topic: French-Canadian Mariners on Canada’s Fourth Coast During the Early Post-Conquest era, 1760-1815.

Overview: Thousands of Canadien mariners, including shipmasters, officers, sailors, boatmen and shipbuilders were essential to the successful defense of Quebec and Upper Canada during American invasions of 1775-6 and 1812-14. My research into their complex histories deepens our understanding of French-English relations during this crucially important period in Canadian History..