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In the winter of 2016, CFRC approached the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) to see if there was interest in doing a show on graduate study research and of course the SGS said yes!  the rest is Grad Chat history.  On behalf of our students and the SGS, to CFRC a big thank you.

Fall 2021

November 2021

November 30th 2021

Line Drapeau

Line Drapeau, PhD candidate in Management (Finance), supervised by Dr Louis Gagnon

Topic: Product market competition and corporate finance

Overview: I will discuss my research, and my journey as a graduate student to prepare for the job market.  

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November 23rd 2021

Spencer Huesken

Spencer Huesken, PhD candidate in Sociology, supervised by Dr Martin Hand

Topic: Sociological examination of Hybrid work and digital working practices.    

Overview: Starting off with discussing Queen's recent Digitalization Conference  and then how the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted the ways in which we understand and engage with the workplace.

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November 16th 2021

Rubaiyat Jabeen

Rubaiyat Jabeen, PhD candidate in Education, supervised by Dr Maria Myers

Topic: Culture behind Writing: An Inquiry into the Challenges and Cultural Influences on Second Language Writing in the Canadian Academic Context

Overview: Starting off with discussing Queen's first International Education Week and why this event was such a good match to Rubaiyat's own research. The purpose of her study is to investigate the influence of first language (L1) and individual culture of multilingual international undergraduate students (MIUS) on their academic English language (L2) writing, and how best to support them to become successful L2 writers in the Canadian academic context.

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November 9th 2021

Laura Szczyrba

Laura Szczyrba, PhD candidate in Geological Sciences, supervised by Dr Ryan Mulligan (Civil engineering) & Dr Peir Pufahl (Geological sciences)

Topic: Nearshore Surf Zone Wave Angle Variability and Hydrodynamics

Overview: My research at Queen’s combines numerical modeling, remote sensing, and in-situ observational data to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the coastal nearshore environment especially during coastal storm events, such as hurricanes.

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November 2nd 2021

Quentin Tsang

Quentin Tsang, PhD candidate, Translational Medicine, supervised by Dr David Reed

Topic: Using cannabinoids to reduce opioid dosage to treat abdominal pain in inflammatory bowel disease.

Overview: Canada has the highest prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the world; 1 in 140 Canadians suffer from the disease. One of the most common and debilitating symptoms of IBD is abdominal pain. Traditionally, opioids are used to manage pain. While effective, they are accompanied by severe side effects (e.g., addiction and increased risk of death). Thus, there is an unmet need for safe and effective strategies to manage pain in IBD, without the adverse side effects associated with conventional opioid treatment. The legalization of cannabis in Canada may increase the number of patients with IBD who choose to use cannabis to manage pain.

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October 2021

October 26th 2021

CJ the DJ and DJ Bear

DJ Bear interviews CJ the DJ!

Topic: Using your graduate journey to help you plan ahead

Overview: Homecoming and the importance of alumni connections, what an IDP can do to help you in your journey, our new professional development framework and why we wanted to change it.

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October 19th 2021

Emily Cervenka and Kristen Hayward

Emily Cervenka and Kristen Hayward, Biology

Topic: Queen's Outdoor Field Experience Initiative (QOFEI)

Overview: When you see barriers to getting involved in field research, what do you do about it? Emily and Kristen share their passion that resulted in the formation of QOFEI (pronounced Coffee). 

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October 12th 2021

Yuxi Zhang

Yuxi Zhang, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, supervised by Dr Lindsay Fitzpatrick

Topic: Reducing the Foreign Body Immune Response towards Biomaterial

Overview: My research topic is around the foreign body reaction (FBR) which describes a patient’s biological response to an implanted material or device, and includes tissue injury, blood-material interactions, provisional matrix formation, acute and chronic inflammation, and fibrous matrix deposition surrounding the implant. The inflammatory response to the implant can impair its performance and lifespan. This research focus is on strategies to attenuate the foreign body response (FBR) towards implanted biomaterial without losing the protection of host immune system. 

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October 5th 2021

Megan McAllister

Megan McAllister PhD in Kinesiology & Health Studies, supervised by Dr Jessica Selinger

Topic: Biomechanics and Neuromechanics

Overview:  I am interested in understanding how and why people walk the way they do. I leverage robotic exoskeletons to change people’s natural way of walking, and I investigate how they adapt to this new environment. I am also the manager of the Queen’s Ergonomics Consulting Program (QECP), and we conduct ergonomic assessments for Queen’s staff and faculty members. Recently, we conducted a survey to investigate how everyone adapted to working from home

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September 2021

September 28th 2021

Sareena McDonald

Sareena McDonald MSc in Epidemiology, supervised by Dr Will King

Topic: Measuring race as a variable in epidemiological research

Overview:  “In response to ongoing and systemic Racism in both Canada and the United States, students within the Queen’s University Department of Public Health Sciences expressed interest in improving our understanding of Racist Policy in epidemiology and public health.  With this, we decided to form the Racial Considerations in Epidemiology (RaCE) Task Force, where we could meet to develop, share, and express our ideas and understanding of the literature on this topic.”

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September 21st 2021

Isobel Sharpe

Isobel Sharpe, MSc in Epidemiology, supervised by Dr Colleen Davison

Topic: A Global Analysis of Climate Change, Food Insecurity, and Mental Health

Overview:  My research explores the complex relationships between climate change, food insecurity, and mental health. To date, few studies have explored these relationships on a global scale

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September 14th 2021

Aida Mohammadi

Aida Mohammadi, PhD in Chemical Engineering, supervised by Dr Aristides Docoslis

Topic: Graphene-based Membranes for Isotopic Water Mixture Filtration: Preparation, Physicochemical Characterization, and Performance Assessment

Overview:  Development of an effective and efficient method for reliably separate water mixtures is highly desirable and membrane technology is of great importance. Among various membranes, two-dimensional structure and tunable physicochemical properties of graphene-based materials and its combination with polymers offer an exciting opportunity. 

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September 7th 2021

Suyin and Colette

Suyin (English) interviews Colette (CJ the DJ)

Topic: What's happening in Fall 2021!

Overview:  Looking at professional development workshops, the new Individual Development Plan, Career Week and more.

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Summer 2021

May-August 2021

To continue Grad Chat over the summer, this program is a selection of research on inclusivity, climate change and health.

 Name Program Description of Interview Originally aired Summer air time

Claire Lee & Stephan Kukkonen

MPL in Geography & Planning How planners can help Cities and Towns even during a pandemic Sept 29th 2020

May 4th 2021

Madison Robertson

PhD in Health Quality Understanding the lived experiences of spouses who are separated in long-term care facilities March 23rd 2021 May 11th, 2021
Joshua Jones PhD, Environmental Studies The Emptiness of Ecological May 26th 2020 May 18th, 2021
CJ the DJ talks with Kim Krezenoski Grad Chat special CJ the DJ talks to Kim Krezenoski about the new grad initiative: summer wellness series new May 25th 2021
Zongwee Binesikwe PhD, Nursing Storytelling as Medicine: Autoethnography of a Two-spirit Anishinaabe Nurse Practitioner April 13th, 2021 June 1st 2021
Candi Raudebaugh DSc, Rehabilitation & Health Leadership Life Skills Training for Therapy Assistant Students Nov 17th, 2020 June 8th 2021
Sofia Melendez M.Ed, Education Towards improving the education that mental health professionals receive about transgender-spectrum health Dec 1st, 2020 June 15th 2021
Cheryl Bruce PhD, Cultural Studies The role of women orchestral conductors, particularly within the Canadian context Dec 8th 2020 June 22nd 2021
Emma, Nancy, Skylar, Philip and mentor Jane PhDs in Education, Public Health, English and Sports Psychology A look into the PHD-Community Initiative - Team United talks about their project titled "Resilient Kingston" New June 29th 2021
Liv Rondeau M.Ed, Education Language Revitalization June 9th 2020 July 6th 2021
Scholars of Colour in Watson Hall PhD, English & History Academic research and their experiences of being graduate students of colour at Queen's. June 16th 2020 July 13th 2021
Sarah Flisikowski MES, Environmental Studies Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Polar Bear Co-Management in a Changing Arctic Sept 15th 2020 July 20th 2021
Deborah Francis DSc Rehabilitation & Health Leadership Changing the landscape: A critical race informed narrative inquiry of a Canadian University told by racialized students. Feb 2nd 2021 July 27th 2021
Martina Jakubchik-Paloheimo PhD Human Geography Land reconciliation, a new critical geography of peach in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Empowering Shuar resilience and resurgence through two-eyed learning June 2nd 2020 Aug 3rd 2021
    Special programming for Prisoner's Justice Day and CFRC Prison Radio from 4pm - 10pm so there will be no Grad Chat this week.   Aug 10th 2021
Iman Abdali PhD Electrical & Computer Engineering Retinal Implants Feb 9th 2021 Aug 17th 2021
Siobhan Speiran PhD, Environmental Studies The Lives of Monkeys in Costa Rican Sanctuaries Nov 3rd 2020 Aug 24th 2021
Robert Mackowiak MSc Biomechanics How does the coordination of your lower body change based on how high you jump? March 30th 2021 Aug 31st 2021

Winter 2021

April 2021

April 27th 2021

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CJ the DJ and Suyin the DJ Bear

Topic: Wrap up for the Winter term 

Overview: Bloopers, wellness, technology, community. Listen in to find out how we have all fared over the past year and what's install for summer.  Here about our students resiliency.

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April 20th 2021

Daenis Camire

Daenis Camire, MSc candidate Healthcare Quality

Topic: How does a Resident in Anesthesiology fit in time to do a masters and what is the connection?

Overview:  Daenis comes from a nursing background, is now an MD and doing his residency in Anesthesiology, it is no wonder he wants to contribute in other areas.  The MSc in Healthcare Quality, helps improve healthcare quality, risk and safety in Canada and worldwide.  Daenis explains how. 

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April 13th 2021

Crystal Hardy

Zongwe Binesikwe, PhD candidate, Nursing, supervised by Dr Mary Smith

Topic: Storytelling as Medicine: Autoethnography of a Two-Spirit Anishinaabe Nurse Practitioner.

Overview: Looking at decolonising health care practices, Zongwe's research will explore the use of a ceremonial self-reflective practice to promote resilience and address compassion fatigue in nurses.

Zongwe creates social change through storytelling in her podcast, “Under the Same Stars” and weekly radio show, "Zee's Place" on CILU 102.7FM. Want to learn more? Go to Zongwe's website -

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April 6th  2021

QNRS logo

Carrie Ewins (Biology), Carolyn Bonta and Yifeng Wang (Geography & Planning)

Topic: Queen's Annual Northern Research Symposium.

Overview:  What is the Northern Research Symposium and why it is important to all of us. 

Learn more and how to participate on the Symposium website

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March 2021

March 30th 2021

Robert Mackowiak

Robert Mackowiak, MSc candidate, Biomechanics (Kinesiology & Health Studies), supervised by Dr Pat Costigan

Topic: "How does the coordination of your lower body change based on how high you jump?”.

Overview:  By understanding the lower extremity coordination patterns that people use to jump to submaximal and maximal heights, my research can help further knowledge in how to train athletes to jump higher and how to help athletes recover following injury.

If you are interested in finding out more about Robert's work, follow his twitter account -

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March 23rd 2021

Madison Robertson

Madison Robertson, PhD candidate, Health Quality, supervised by Dr Rylan Egan

Topic: Understanding the lived experiences of spouses who are separated in long-term care facilities. .

Overview:  The aim of my research is to explore the lived experiences of older adults who are separated from their partners in two separate long-term care facilities – specifically in relation to feelings of loneliness and isolation

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March 16th 2021

Isabella Aung

Isabella Aung PhD candidate, Political Studies, supervised by Dr Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant & Dr Stephanie Martel

Topic: Women’s Representation in New Democracies: Underrepresentation of Ethnic Minority Women in Burmese Politics.

Overview:  My research will investigate how political parties’ actions and attitudes contribute to this underrepresentation, particularly in regions with high concentrations of ethnic minorities.

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March 9th 2021

Diane Whitelaw

Diane Whitelaw, PhD candidate, History, supervised by Dr Mark Epprecht

Topic: Zambian Political History.

Overview:  I am studying the Chona Commission, a constitutional review commission that ushered in the era of the single party state in post colonial Zambia, 1972/3

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March 2nd 2021

Trinda Penniston

Trinda Penniston, MSc candidate, Psychology, supervised by Dr Meredith Chivers

Topic: Racialized sexual attractions and sexual responses

Overview:  I’m specifically interested in examining Black people’s sexual responses relative to white people’s.

I am currently seeking research participants (adults 18+) especially from self-identified Black folks, but people of any race/ethnicity are welcome to participate.  For more information please go to our research webpage within the SAGE lab .     

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February 2021

February 23rd 2021

photo of Annie Jian

Annie Jian, Masters student in Earth and Energy Resources Leadership 

Topic: ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in the Canadian energy sector

Overview:  I am taking a deep dive into sustainability reporting for major Canadian energy companies to identify gaps and key areas that are material to their business, which may help to de-risk some of the social, political, and technological issues as well as public perception related to different types of energy development (fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables etc.).  

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February 16th 2021

Samantha Twietmeyer

Samantha Twietmeyer, PhD candidate, Political Studies, supervised by Dr John McGarry

Topic: The Double Minority Dilemma and Conflict Settlement Negotiations in Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

Overview:  My research outlines the theory of the Double Minority Dilemma (DMD) which argues that each community’s security dilemma is defined by their perception of their own minority status both domestically and in combination with the geopolitical environment of third-party actors, which serves to justify their “cause.”.

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February 9th 2021

Iman Abdali Mashhadi

Iman Abdali Mashhadi, PhD candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering, supervised by Dr Majid Pahlevani

Topic: Retinal Implants.

Overview:  My research looks at ways to lower the cost of retinal implants for people with age-related macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, two of the most common outer retinal degenerative problems and the predominant cause of most blind related diseases.

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February 2nd 2021

Debi Francis

Deborah Francis, DSc candidate, Rehabilitation & Health Leadership, supervised by Dr Janet Jull

Topic: Changing the landscape: A critical race informed narrative inquiry of a Canadian University told by racialized students..

Overview:  The proposed research study will use community based participatory research principle that prioritize racialized student experiences to design, conduct and assess a training resource to progress diversity , equity and inclusion from a state of awareness to action for faculty and staff.

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January 2021

January 26th 2021

Connor Stone

Connor Stone, PhD candidate, Astrophysics, supervised by Professor Stephane Courteau

Topic: The Galaxy Manifold: A statistical and systematic analysis of intrinsic galaxy properties.

Overview:  I am exploring a multi-dimensional approach to galaxy modeling. Most traditional analysis is performed on correlations of two parameters at a time. I am developing a framework for examining trends in any number of parameters simultaneously. I use machine learning models and techniques to fully extract all available information. By determining which parameters are fundamentally linked to each other, I can connect models of galaxy formation to real observations and possibly learn about the nature of dark matter.

Listen to Fast Radio Bursts on podcast, bring exciting space news hot off the telescope into your ears.

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January 19th 2021

Branaavan Sivarajah

Branaavan Sivarajah, PhD candidate, Biology, supervised by Dr John Smol

Topic: The long-term ecological consequences of gold mining operations, urbanization, and climatic changes on sub-Arctic lakes near Yellowknife (Northwest Territories, Canada).

Overview:  The lack of long-term environmental monitoring data poses significant challenges to understanding the impacts of past anthropogenic activities on freshwater ecosystems. However, we can use natural archives (e.g. lake sediments that accumulate continuously) to fill this knowledge gap.

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January 12th 2021

Matthew Duda

Matthew Duda, PhD candidate, Biology, supervised by Dr John Smol

Topic: Using paleolimnology to reconstruct past seabird populations.

Overview:  Most seabird populations are in decline. However, because of sparse monitoring it is impossible to know when the population began to decline. My research uses lake sediments to address this lack in delivery. I am to answer key questions in conservation biology, such as “What are the drivers of seabird decline” and “what is natural, before human interference?” 

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January 5th, 2021

Andrew Moffitt

Andrew Moffitt, PhD candidate, English Language & Literature, supervised by Dr Gabrielle McIntire

Topic: Ideology, Production, and Reproduction in the work of Virginia Woolf, Marie Stopes, and H.D.

Overview:  My research looks at how the emergence of debates in the 1920s and 30s regarding reproduction and sexuality influenced the work of three modernist writers. 

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