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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

German Language and Literature

 All graduate courses offered in the Department of German are half-courses (i.e., one-term courses of three hours per week) which are offered either in the fall or the winter term. Not all of the courses listed below will be offered each year. Students should consult the Graduate Coordinator in the department about courses offered in any given year, so that whenever possible programs can be arranged to suit their individual needs and interests.

GRMN-800     Professional Skills and Theoretical Contexts     
An introduction to the practical, professional, and theoretical contexts of graduate studies in German literature, this non-credit tutorial of two hours per week during the fall and the winter term is obligatory for all graduate students not specifically excused by the Graduate Coordinator. Two term hours; fall and winter.  All faculty.

GRMN-851*     Rationalism, Rococo, and Sturm und Drang     
A study of important aspects of the pre-classical period, centred on the works of either Lessing or the authors of the Sturm und Drang.

GRMN-862*     Weimar Classicism     
An introduction to the historical situation of this movement, a close reading of several of its core works, and a discussion of its critical legacy.  Three term-hours; winter.  D.V. Pugh.

GRMN-863*     18th-Century Aesthetics      
A historical survey of the development of aesthetics and criticism in eighteenth-century Germany. Fall term. D.V. Pugh

GRMN-865*     Goethe     
This course is designed to familiarize students with a representative selection of Goethe's poetry, drama, and prose works.  Three term-hours; winter.  A. Bohm.

GRMN-870*     Early German Romanticism     
After examining the background and the characteristics of the Romantic period, this course will concentrate on Frühromantik, with emphasis on Novalis.

GRMN-871*     German Romanticism     
The emphasis in this course will be on Heidelberger Romantik and on Spätromantik, concentrating on Brentano and Hoffmann respectively.

GRMN-872*     Heine     
This seminar is intended to deepen understanding of German literary and intellectual history of the first half of the 19th century, taking the dominant figure of Heinrich Heine as a paradigm to show the crosscurrents of his own time and his influence as one of the first engaged writers of the post-Romantic period.

GRMN-881*     German Drama of the 19th Century     
Detailed study of representative dramas from Kleist to Hauptmann.  Three term-hours; winter.

GRMN-882*     German Realism     
This course uses theoretical, critical, and cultural approaches to discuss realist novels and novellas of the second half of the 19th century. C. Arndt.

GRMN-883*     The German Novelle of the 19th Century     
A representative sample of Novellen from Goethe to Hauptmann will be examined in detail. In addition to discussing the style and content of each work, an attempt will be made to reach some conclusions concerning the problematic nature of the genre. Three term-hours; fall. W.Nell

GRMN-884*     Fin-de-siècle Vienna     
A study of selected writings of major authors active in Vienna around 1900, including George, Hofmannsthal, and Schnitzler, examined in the larger historical, political, and cultural context.  Three term-hours; winter.  J. Scott.

GRMN-885*     Topics in Psychoanalytic Criticism     
Offering an introduction to several different theorists and periods of psychoanalysis from Freud to the present, this seminar will examine the intersections of psychoanalytic thought and literary texts from various genres and periods.  Three term-hours; fall.  J. Scott.

GRMN-886*     Thematic Studies in Modernism     
This seminar will treat a specific theme in modernist literature and thought, examining a variety of authors and genres with relation to a particular issue such as mythological adaptation, mourning, memory, subjectivity, or sexuality.

GRMN-887*     Postwar German-Jewish Literature     
A study of Jewish literature in the German-speaking world since 1945, including such authors as Becker, Behrens, Biller, Dischereit, Honigmann, Menasse, Rabinovici, Schindel, and Seligmann. Discussion will include issues of diaspora, generation, and gender.

GRMN-888*     Contemporary Women's Literature in German     
A study of selected texts by women writers in the German-speaking world from 1968 to the present. Special attention will be paid to themes and writing strategies that reflect women's consciousness of self and the world.  Not offered 2008-2009.

GRMN-890*     Special Topics     
Specialized study, as circumstances permit, of a particular author, genre, theme, movement, literary form, or some combination of these elements. Three term-hours; winter. A. Bohm.

GRMN-891*     Narrating Nations     
This course explores literature and film of the Germanies with a special emphasis on Cold War narratives of colonialism, fascism, and transnationalism.

GRMN-892*     The German Novel     
A study of the German novel, its theory and development, with particular emphasis on 20th-century authors, e.g., Hesse, Böll, Kafka.

GRMN-894     Master's Oral Examination     
After satisfactory completion of eight term-length courses, the MA candidate will have to pass a 50-minute oral examination on aspects of German literature and culture. Typically, the student will prepare 5 primary texts of substantial length and, if applicable, a limited number of secondary texts.

GRMN-895*     Modern German Literature and Film     
A study of the relationship between literary texts and film adaptations. Special emphasis will be placed on the close examination of narrative techniques in selected texts and in the films they inspired.  Three term-hours; winter. J. Hosek

GRMN-896*     20th-Century Studies I     
Specialized study of literature in German during the period 1900-1945, focusing on the detailed examination of a particular genre, theme, movement, literary form, or author, or some combination of these elements. Three term-hours; fall. J. Scott.

GRMN-897*     20th-Century Studies II     
Specialized study of literature in German during the period since 1945, focusing on the detailed examination of a particular genre, theme, movement, literary form, or author, or some combination of these elements. Three term-hours; fall.  P. Fachinger.

GRMN-898     Master's Project     
After satisfactory completion of six term-length courses, the MA candidate will have to write an MA project of approximately 50 double-spaced pages. Once the project has been passed by the supervisor and one additional departmental reader, the candidate will defend his/her project in a 50-minute discussion including other department members.

GRMN-899     Master's Thesis Research     

GRMN-901*     Theory of Narrative     
An introduction for students of German literature to the major contemporary currents in the poetics of narrative fiction, focusing on a consideration of structuralist and semiotic theories of narrative and their practical application to selected texts. Three term-hours; fall.  

GRMN-903*     21st-Century Studies     
Specialized study of German literature and/or film in the 21st century, focusing on the detailed examination of a particular genre, theme, movement, literary form, or author, or some combination of these elements.

GRMN-904*     Terrorism in Contemporary Literature and Film     
A study of representations of terrorism in recent literature and film, focusing on those of the Red Army Faction and the events of September 11, 2001 and their national and global repercussions.

GRMN-905*     Contemporary Transnational German Literature and Film     
A study of cross-cultural contact and interaction in contemporary German literature and film. 3 term-hours; Fall 2010. P. Fachinger.

GRMN-999     Ph.D. Thesis Research