School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

German Language and Literature

Santeramo, D.

Graduate Coordinator
Arndt, C.

Pugh, D.V.

Associate Professor
Scott, J.

Assistant Professor
Arndt, C., Hosek, J.


Apart from the Stauffer Library, where most of the German library resources are housed, the graduate program is also served by a reference reading room and computer facility in Kingston Hall, where all the Modern Language departments are located.

Special Regulations

While research for theses must be done under the direction of the graduate program, credit for some graduate courses may be granted, with the permission of the graduate program, for equivalent courses taken at a recognized university in a German-speaking country.

Financial Assistance

In addition to the fellowship and scholarship support available to graduate students, the program offers a number of teaching assistantships and tutorials to suitably qualified students.

Fields of Research

In accordance with the scholarly interests of individual staff members and the holdings of the Stauffer Library, the following main areas of research are recommended to graduate students: Sturm und Drang, Goethe, and Weimar Classicism (D.V. Pugh); 19th-century literature (C. Arndt); 20th-century literature (J. Hosek, J. Scott). Research in comparative literature and literary theory may be pursued in special circumstances and, where appropriate, in collaboration with other departments. All students should obtain more detailed advice on available resources for research from the Coordinator of Graduate Studies and/or individual staff members before deciding on their thesis topics. Theses should be styled in accordance with the latest MLA Style Manual.

Master of Arts

GRMN-800 is additional to the following program requirements.

Students may choose one of the following program patterns: i) four half-courses and a thesis of approximately 100 typed pages; ii) six half-courses and a thesis of approximately 50 typed pages; iii) eight half-courses and an oral examination demonstrating familiarity with the tools and methods of literary scholarship and competence in a specialized area of their choice.

Doctor of Philosophy

GRMN-800 is additional to the following program requirements.

The doctoral program consists of a thesis and six half-courses beyond the master's level. Students must also demonstrate a reading knowledge of at least one language in addition to German and English and pass a diagnostic test in German language and literature. For further details see