School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies


Munoz, D.P.

Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Reynolds, J.N.

Andrew, R.D., Arboleda-Florez, J.E., Bendena, W., Beninger, R.J., Blohm, G., Brien, J.F., Brouwer, B., Brunet, D., Cahill, C.M., Castelhano, Dorris, M.C., Dow, K., Dringenberg, H.C., Dumont, E., Ferguson, A.V., Flanagan, J.R., Flavin, M.P., Forster-Gibson, C., Garcia, A., Gilron, I., Glasgow, J.I., Hawryshyn, C., Holden, J.A., Hollenstein, T., Johnsrude, I., Kawaja, M.D., Kelley, E., Kuhlmeier, V.A., Lederman, S.J., LePage-Partenteau, Lomax, A., Magoski, N.S., Marin, A., McLean, L., Melanson, M., Menard, J., Milev, R.,  Munhall, K.G., Munoz, D.P., Norman, K., Olmstead, M.C., Ouellette-Kuntz, H., Oyewumi, K.L., Paré, M., Pari, G., Pelland, L., Pukall, C., Reynolds, J.N., Robertson, R.M., Rose, P.K., Rossiter, J.P., Sabbagh, M., Scott, D., Scott, S.H., Singh, A.N.,  Smith, G., Spiller, A., Stroman, P., Ten Hove, M., Troje, N., Van Vugt, D.A., Vertegaal, R.P.H., Wilson, D., Wynne-Edwards, K.

Retired Members of Faculty
Boegman, R., Frost, B., Jhamandas, K., Lawson, S., Weisman, R.


The Centre for Neuroscience Studies is an interdisciplinary center with a membership that includes faculty members from multiple departments in both the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Arts & Science. The graduate program in Neuroscience provides an enriched environment for the training of highly qualified personnel with the skills required to study fundamental questions of function and diseases of the nervous system. Faculty members participating in the graduate program in Neuroscience have access to world-class laboratory facilities applicable to all aspects of neuroscience research.

Graduate Student Support

Scholarships, fellowships and stipends from supervisors' research grants are available to graduate students. It is the policy of The Centre for Neuroscience Studies that a minimum level of assistance is available to each graduate student. Details regarding the current level of support available to graduate students in the program are available from the Centre’s graduate office and from the Centre for Neuroscience Studies web page at

Fields of Research

The fields of specialization within the graduate program in Neuroscience are: Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience; Systems Neuroscience; Cognitive/Behavioural Neuroscience; and Neurological/Psychiatric Conditions.

Degree Programs

Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy

Applicants for the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are accepted under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.