School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies


Levit, B.1, Thomson, D.J.2

Associate Professor
Jiang, W., Lin, C.D., Takahara, G.K.

Cross Appointed 
Chen, B., McIsaac, M., McLellan, P.J., Peng. P., Tu, D.

1 - On leave January-June 2018
2 - On leave July 2017-June 2018


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is located in its own building, Jeffery Hall, and this building also houses most of the facilities associated with the department. A large number of networked public computers and workstations are located in Jeffery Hall and provide students and staff with ready access to standard computing software and to the Internet.

Areas of Research

A detailed summary of the current research interests of our faculty is available on our website (

Programs of Study

The Department offers Master's degrees under both the thesis and project patterns (Patterns I and II of General Regulations, section Structure of Graduate Degree Programs) and Doctoral degrees.

A student beginning a Master's degree usually has already taken a post-calculus course in statistical theory. Students who lack sufficient background in this area may be required to take an undergraduate course at the beginning of their graduate studies.

Refer to the Mathematics and Statistics program of study section of this calendar for complete details on the requirements for the Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Courses in Statistics and Probability

Refer to the Mathematics and Statistics course section of this calendar for the list of courses in statistics and probability.