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Jennifer Fowler
Graduate Assistant
Phone: 613.533.6000 ext. 32204

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Why Graduate Studies in Health Professions Education?

The Master in Health Professions Education is for individuals employed in the health profession sector. The MHPE provides health professionals with a focused program addressing the diverse teaching needs within the clinical or health related setting. It fills a gap between clinical knowledge and teaching skills, and/or residents/allied health students seeking a position at an academic setting

What Makes Our Program Unique

This program is geared to all Health Professions.  It is a blended format allowing both face to face and online engagement and designed on adult learning principles. The curriculum is aligned to ensure the learners are introduced, reinforced, and master throughout the program key concepts and the application of knowledge within their respective health professions. Team taught by a health professional pedagogue while also providing a course that addresses the Truth and Reconciliation report (specific training in curriculum in this area),  a face to face simulation and a focus on collaborative practice.   

Where Can This Program Take Me?

The focus of our program is to better prepare academic health professionals to teach at the postsecondary level through further advancing knowledge of higher education pedagogy, including curriculum alignment, leadership, and scholarship. Our programmatic outcomes align with the varying health professions accreditation bodies, which often require degrees in health professions education. Our learners will acquire essential academic knowledge and skills for clinical practice and meet accreditation standards.

The objectives of the Master of Health Professions Education program are to:

  • Enhance learners’ pedagogical and educational research skills;
  • Explore curriculum design as applied to the academic, clinical, and professional setting;
  • Evaluate the alignment between research questions, methods, and learning theory; and
  • Demonstrate the capacity to lead change for innovations and enhancements in health education.


    Degrees Offered / Program Structure 

    The MHPE program is a 24-month, 8 course, cohort-based, part-time master’s program with 5 blended courses which allows health-care professionals the flexibility to continue working to meet their professional obligations.

    Method of Completion

    The first and fifth courses are offered in person during a one-week summer intensive, 5 courses are offered completely online, and the final course, a Capstone Experience, is designed to meet individual needs. This interdisciplinary degree is jointly developed and designed by clinical faculty members and pedagogical experts which ensures a diversity of experiences and expertise.  This graduate degree program fulfills a niche that is not currently met in Canada as there are no other programs available to the health education community (e.g., doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, dentists, veterinarians, etc.) that are both course-based and competency-based.


    HPE 801 - Introduction to Health Professions Education

    HPE 802 - Health Professions Education Curriculum and Design

    HPE 803 - Scholarship in Health Professions Education

    HPE 804 - Health Professions: Teaching & Learning in Collaborative Practice

    HPE 805 - Simulation

    HPE 806 - Indigenous Health Professions Education

    HPE 807 - Leadership in Health Professions Education

    HPE 898 - Project in Health Professions Education (capstone experience)


    Admission Requirements

    This program is for individuals who are current practicing health professionals (dentists, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, pharmacists and other allied health roles) and individuals in the final stages of their training (i.e., residency) or seeking a position within an academic setting.

    In order to be considered for admission for the MPHE, applicants must follow the admission and language requirements as set by the School of Graduate Studies.  For those who are eligible to apply, students are also required to:

    • Complete the online biographical questionnaire.
    • Submit a Statement of Interest (no more that 2500 words).
    • Submit a current Curriculum Vitae or Resume.

    If you are eligible and interested in our program, please submit your online application via the School of Graduate Studies


    Application Deadline & Start Dates

    The online application is now open

    • Application deadline for admission in 2020-21:  April 1st, 2020. Preference will be given to applications received by March 1st, 2020

    • Onsite Summer intensive - Dates to be confirmed soon

    • Program Dates: September 2020 - August 2022


    Learning Outcomes

    Outcomes for learners in the Master of Health Professions Education program are to:

    • Situate themselves within the field of health professions education as both a scholarly discipline and a field of practice;
    • Interpret and apply each of the 7 competencies (health professions expert, communicator, collaborator, leader, health advocate, scholar, and professional) to their work in the program.
    • Explore the application of health professions education theories and activities in diverse settings;
    • Design and conduct education research;
    • Apply health education concepts to their own learning and teaching lives;
    • Adopt a learning-centered approach to teaching in health education;
    • Engage with active learning techniques focusing on collaboration and sharing;
    • Adopt a critical approach to teaching by reflecting upon different effective teaching Practices; and
    • Develop and establish a scholarly approach to teaching in health education.


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