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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Heat 1 a close affair

At 1pm today, the first heat of Queen's 3 Minute Thesis event took place at MacIntosh-Corry Hall.  Eight graduate students took on the difficult task of presenting their research in just three minutes.  The competition was so close that the judges had to confer on two occasions to sort out the order of who was moving on to the final on 24th March. Congratulations to all participants on showcasing your research to us all! 

Results were as follows:

1st place - Stephane Leahy (Mechanical & Materials Engineering)

2nd place and People's Choice Award winner - Oluwatobiloba Moody (Law)

3rd place - Evelyn Popiel (Biology)

Since Oluwatobiloba took the 2nd place and the People's Choice, it allowed us to bring one more person to the final. We congratulate Nicolle Domnik (Physiology) who joins her three colleagues from Heat 1!

Congratulations to all Heat 1 winners and best of luck in the final!

Thank you to our judges for the day - Susan Korba (SASS), Dr. George Brandie (Retired Professor), Dr. Louise Winn (DBMS).


Participants from L to R: Joddi Alden (Gender Studies), Chris McNevin (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), Dilys Huang (Urban & Regional Planning), Fiona Haxho (DBMS)


Heat 1 winners and judges 

From L to R: Our eight participants, judges & participants, our four students going on to the final