School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Heat 2 of 3MT as exciting as Heat 1!

Today was the second heat for the 2016 Queen's 3 Minute Thesis Event. Thirteen graduate students participated today talking about their research on topics that included: the effects of sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity; how to judge in the criminal justice system; optimizing building design; Mum or Dads DNA; the heart or the mind; giving strength to weak signals, cost effectiveness of  using crystals instead of platinum; Lakes as our legacy; impact of screens on the health of our youth; landslides, radiation treatment for cancer patients, probiotics & depression; investigating patients follow up care.  Incredible talks from all.

As in heat 1, it was great to see so many friends and colleagues of the participants come along and support them and of course help choose the People's Choice winner via an online voting system.  You have to be there to vote!

A big thanks to our Judges today - Dr John Fisher (VP Research office), Dr Ted Hsu (politician, environmentalist & Queen's alum), Nilani Loganathan (Queen's University International Centre) for doing the hard part of analysing each participant in the 3 categories.

Going to the final next week - Wednesday 30th March will be:

Winner - Andre Brault (Civil Engineering)

Runner Up - Justin Wong (Pathology & Molecular Medicine)

3rd Place:Hoda Gharib (Kinesiology & Health Studies) and Gemma Bullard (Civil Engineering)

People's Choice -Andre Brault (Civil Engineering)

Heat 2 Participants 

From Left to Right: Heat 2 Participants

Kelly Brennan (Epidemiology), Gopishankar Natanasabapathi (Physics), Derin Ken (Management), Robert Talarico (Epidemiology), Justin Wong (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Guy Thierry Tenkouano (Environmental Studies), Caroline Wallace (Neuroscience), Gemma Bullard (Civil Engineering), Andre Brault (Civil Engineering), Nakkiran Arulmizhi (Chemistry), In front - Lindsay Favotto (Epidemiology), Hoda Gharib (Kinesiology & Health Studies)





Finalists with judges

From Left to Right: Heat 2 Finalists & Judges

Dr Ted Hsu, Nilani Loganathan, Hoda Gharib, Justin Wong, Gemma Bullard, Andre Brault, Dr John Fisher