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School of Graduate Studies

Dissertation Boot Camp Is Over

Last week 46 graduate students attended Dissertation Boot Camp.  As with previous camps, it was a long, hard week of writing, learning strategies to success and forming some writing habits.  The camps have been well received and the School of Graduate Studies in conjunction with the Student Academic Success Services (the Writing Centre & Learning Strategies), will continue to provide these camps each year for our graduate students.


Photo: Some of our June Dissertation Boot Campers at the end of a very long week

The SGS would like to thank Dr Deanna Mason (Writing Centre) & Liz Parsons (Learning Strategies) for their tireless efforts last week to assist our students.  We would also like to congratulate our students for taking the initiative to sign up. Well done everyone.


Photo: Oops, we had a slight mis-communication over the phone.  It should read:

"Congratulations.  You too have made it through boot camp"