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“The harder I work, the luckier I get” - MSc student Laura Callender

At 8:30 AM on most days, MSc. student Laura Callender is already in the lab, where she examines the role of physical activity on the health of children and youth under the supervision of Dr. Ian Janssen. Late in the afternoon, Callender – also a captain of the Gaels women’s soccer team – goes to soccer practice and stays afterwards to do some free kicks and shooting. Later, at night, doing homework and reading before going bed complete her regular day.


International partnership celebrates first graduate

A quick glance at Matthias Hermann’s resume shows he’s not afraid of the occasional international adventure.

Since beginning his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in his native Germany in 2011, Mr. Hermann (MSc’17) has conducted short-term research projects in China and Australia, as well as his home country. Recently, he added Canada to the list after completing a dual degree master’s program in Chemistry – a partnership between Queen’s University and Universität Stuttgart.


Keeping up The Conversation

It’s a simple, but powerful, formula. Take one part leading academic research, add a dash of journalistic flair, and mix in a robust digital presence. It is this winning recipe that has earned The Conversation, an academic journalism website, the participation of thousands of researchers worldwide, and captured the attention of millions of citizens interested in news with a healthy dose of academic rigour.


Fourth Annual Career Week Networking Reception

Queen’s School of Graduate Studies hosted the fourth annual Career Week Networking Reception on October 13 as part of the 2017 Homecoming celebrations. Alumni and community partners were invited to meet Queen's graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, and share their personal experiences and tips for transitioning from graduate training to career. Kingston's Mayor Bryan Paterson - himself an alumnus of Queen's Graduate Studies - welcomed attendees and shared his own career advice.


Inaugural Banting-Vanier Lectures

Queen’s School of Graduate Studies hosted the inaugural Vanier-Banting lecture series event on October 14 as part of the 2017 Homecoming celebrations. This red carpet event was a preview of some of the best graduate and post-doctoral research at Queen’s, covering a diverse range of subjects from mutated blood cells, cancer-fighting fireflies, and the “pedagogic skills” of the devil in one of Byron’s plays.


IRTG: The Brain in Action

Since it was launched in 2013, the IRTG Brain in Action program has generated more than 50 publications. The program was designed for graduate students, Post-Doctoral fellows, and their supervisors to have the opportunity to collaborate on similar research interests and to provide the ability to learn new techniques from each other.

This year, the retreat featured a full-day workshop on motion capture technology, which was taught at Queen’s Human Mobility Research Centre at Hotel Dieu Hospital. That way, members of the IRTG also had a chance to visit Kingston and explore the Queen’s campus for one day.

The program also offers its graduate students internships in related industries, writing workshops to strengthen literary skills, internet-based seminars, and external speakers from other universities to broaden the knowledge of young scientists and professors alike. It went without saying that all those who attended the retreat were coming out of the week feeling relaxed, accomplished, and with new ideas in hand.


Grad Coordinators Share Their Tips

Strong coordinators play an important role in the success of graduate students, and the School of Graduate Studies as a whole. Enhancing networking within graduate programs, bringing new scholars to study at Queen’s, and supporting graduate students with effective communication, advice, and tools are among some of the responsibilities of graduate coordinators.

Annually, the School of Graduate Studies honours two outstanding coordinators for their contributions through the Featured Graduate Coordinators initiative. The 2017 Featured Graduate Coordinators are Joan Almost, Associate Professor and Associate Director (Graduate Nursing Programs); and Andrew Jainchill, Associate Professor and Graduate Chair (History).

“On behalf of the School of Graduate Studies, congratulations and thanks go to Joan and Andrew for their dedication and passion as educators” says Kim McAuley, Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies “Their leadership has helped provide a supportive, positive environment for graduate students at Queen’s”.

Learn more about Dr. Almost and Dr. Jainchill’s approach to graduate coordination, and their advice for new graduate coordinators: