School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Social Sciences Master's Degree Resources

These resources will assist the following graduate programs and departments with thesis-based masters' degrees:


  • DEVS - Global Development Studies
  • ECON - Economics
  • GPHY - Geography (M.A. only)
  • POLS - Political Studies
  • SKS - Kinesiology & Health Studies (M.A. only)
  • SOCY - Sociology

All files are in PDF format, which can be viewed using Adobe Reader.

Resources for Master's Exams

Resources for Examiners and Supervisors

All graduate theses or dissertations MUST conform to the minimum style and form requirements as detailed in the General Forms of Theses.

Note: There are a couple of templates that have been designed to assist students in formatting their theses according to the Thesis Formatting and Preparation guidelines.

Note: Examiners are not required to submit reports on the thesis prior to the oral thesis examination, unless they wish to submit a "negative report"; that is, if it is their opinion that the oral thesis examination should NOT proceed (see #5 Oral Exam Procedures). If no negative report is submitted, it is presumed that the examiner agrees that the oral thesis examination should be held as scheduled and that they will attend the oral thesis examination.

Forms students must submit prior to oral exam:

If applicable, your student must submit the following forms, completed and signed prior to the oral examination.