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175 Research Moments

175 Photo Contest Submission

Pushing the boundaries of research and scholarship in graduate studies

Queen’s University turns 175 in 2016. To celebrate this occasion the School of Graduate Studies has launched the 175 Research Moments photo contest. Research creates many memorable moments. This can be the moment of discovery, of the emergence of a new idea, of a successful experiment (or a failed one), of fruitful collaboration, or of transformative learning.

Our graduate students and post-doctoral fellows have submitted research moment from the lab, the field, from the libraries or archives and are letting the community share in the discoveries, ideas, and innovation they create as part of their research training!

Top 5 - Monthly


  • Lauren Brick

    WINNER - Lauren Brick (Education) - "Research Design"

  • Gillett Mollyclaire

    Gillett Mollyclaire - (Art History / Art Conservation) with "San Francisco Vaulting"

  • Stefy McKnight

    Stephanie Mcknight (Cultural Studies) - "Coded I am"

  • Sean Arruda

    Sean Arruda (Geography) - "Isolation"

  • Jenn Bossio

    Jennifer Bossio (Clinical Psychology) - "Does neonatal circumcision reduce penile sensitivity?"


  • Victoria Kablys

    WINNER - Victoria Kablys - "Tickle Me Science!"

  • Victoria Donovan

    Victoria Donovan (Neuroscience) - "Small Brain, Big Task"

  • Anastasia Shavrova

    Anastasia Shavrova (Biology) - "Hard life of a biologist"

  • Jamie Summers

    Jamie Summers (Biology) - "Equipped"

  • Rebecca Taylor

    Rebecca Taylor (Biological Sciences) - "Seabirds in the South Atlantic"


  • Jeremy Walsh

    WINNER - Jeremy Walsh (Kinesiology and Health Studies) - "Going high to explore cerebral lows"

  • De Lawrence Lamptey

    De-Lawrence Lamptey (Kinesiology and Health Studies) - "Workshop for siblings of children with intellectual disabilities​"

  • Nicholas Fantin

    Nicholas Fantin (Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy) - "Views from Mauna Kea"

  • Anna-Maria Moubayed

    Anna-Maria Moubayed (Art History) - "Shaping the Female Body: Eve from Saint-Gabriel"

  • Carolyn Mensing

    Carolyn Mensing (Art History) - "Contemplating the arts through science"


  • Jessica Baumhour

    WINNER - Jessica Baumhour - "Sunset over Sea Ice"

  • Brett Elmslie

    Brett Elmslie - "Surface Sediments at Sunset"

  • Katie-Marie McNeill

    Katie-Marie McNeill - "The P4W"

  • Mohamed Elsheikh

    Mohamed Elsheikh - "Ready to collect navigation data!"

  • Omar Bachour

    Omar Bachour - "The Community of Learners"