School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Orientation for the new academic year is just around the corner!

Where has summer gone, if you can call it a summer!  Campus is already starting to get a little busier.  There is still loads of construction going on and faculty, staff and grad students going about their business as usual.  But it won’t be long and we will be welcoming our new graduate students (although I know some of you are already here).

So to all new graduate students a big hello from the School of Graduate Studies. For continuing grad students, we hope you have had a productive summer.

With any new academic year comes orientation events to help our new students meet other grad students and become familiar with the layout of campus and Kingston and resources available to them.

A full listing of graduate orientation events can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.  New students should check with their program office first to see what has been scheduled specifically for their program and then see what other activities you can attend.  Most programs will add some of the general orientation activities into their scheduling.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!