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"I found myself thinking about the scientific process that underlies medical knowledge. So, when applying to medical schools I knew that research was not something I was ready to give up. The combined MD/PhD program will satisfy all of my interests and give me a very broad education.

Ellen Van Rensburg, MD/PhD candidate

General Enquiries:

MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program,
Queen’s University, 68 Barrie Street,Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6,
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Program Overview

The combined MD/PhD and MD/Master’s programs at Queen’s University are offered jointly by the School of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies, with the participation of the graduate programs in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Biomedical Engineering (Collaborative Program), Cancer Research (Collaborative Program), Computing, Epidemiology, Neuroscience, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, and Rehabilitation Science. The program admits a limited number of exceptional students who wish to combine their medical training with advanced training in research. 


The combined MD/PhD and MD/ Master’s Programs provide benefits to both scholarship and to the professional development of physician-scientists by allowing better integration of clinical and research training experiences, and also provide better opportunities for fostering translational research. Students in combined MD/graduate programs bring a distinctive, clinical/translational perspective into their laboratories, and conversely, these students also bring a basic science perspective to share with their fellow medical students. For the graduate degree component, the combined programs draw on the pool of over 200 Graduate faculty members of the participating graduate programs for supervision of thesis projects; for the MD program, our state-of-the-art School of Medicine Building, one of the premier teaching facilities in North America, allows for the integration of modern teaching methods, technology, and interdisciplinary practices to provide a truly exceptional medical training experience.

Career paths – employment opportunities

Graduates from our program will be well prepared to pursue postdoctoral or research-intensive residency training, and as fully trained physician-scientists, will contribute to increasing Canada’s capacity in basic, clinical, translational and patient-oriented research.

In addition, graduates from our program who choose careers in academic medicine will be in the position to make unique contributions to the education of future members of the medical profession.

Degrees Offered/Method of Completion

Degrees Offered

MD/ Master’s.: 5 years, full time

MD/PhD: 7-7.5 years, full time

Method of Completion

MD/Master’s: students complete the first two years of the MD program followed by a full year of full-time enrolment in the chosen graduate program, in which they fulfill course requirements, conduct research and write and defend the thesis. Students are also enrolled full time in the graduate program over the summer months of the first two medical years. Following completion of the Master’s degree, students enter years three and four of the MD program.

MD/PhD: students spend the first two years in the PhD program, in which they complete course requirements (if any), complete the PhD comprehensive exam, and conduct research. Students then complete the first two years of the MD program and continue research over the summer months. Following year two of the MD program, students re-enter the PhD program for a final year, in which they complete the thesis research, and write and defend the thesis. Following completion of the PhD degree, students enter years three and four of the MD program.

Fields of study and Supervisors

We encourage you to identify an area of research interest and contact a potential supervisor before applying. Links to participating graduate programs and interested faculty members may be found on the MD/PHD website at:

Funding, Academic Prerequisites & Deadline

Funding Information

During the period of funding eligible full-time graduate study (maximum of 6 terms for Master’s, 12 terms for PhD), Master’s and PhD students will receive at least the minimum guaranteed stipend for the graduate program in which they are enrolled.

Primary sources for funding packages include Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships and Queen’s Graduate Award funding. Secondary sources include internal and external competitive awards. During the period of study in the MD program, a stipend of $25,000 per year will be provided for MD/PhD students and $15,000 per year for MD/Master’s students (first two years of MD program).

We encourage all MSc and PhD students to apply for additional funding through federal, provincial and private sector sources. Queen’s automatically issues a $5,000 (Masters) & $10,000 (PhD) top-up award to all incoming federal government Tri-Council Award winners.

Academic Prerequisites

Students applying to the combined programs must meet the admissions requirements and be accepted into both the MD program and the chosen graduate program. The minimum requirement for the MD/PhD or MD/Master’s Programs at Queens’s University is an Honours baccalaureate degree. Students with a Master’s degree or graduate students in the second year of a Master’s  program, are also eligible to apply.

Students registered in a Master’s program at the time of application must  complete the requirements for the Master’s degree prior to entry into the combined MD/PhD program. unless promoted to the PhD program through the Mini-Master’s route (Queen’s students only). Applicants must have an obvious and demonstrated research potential.

Application Requirements

Applicants complete and submit a regular application to the MD program online on the OMSAS website, ( and indicate their request to be considered for a combined program by checking off the appropriate box on the application form.

Applicants also submit a MD/PhD - MD/Master ’s application form (available on the MD/PhD Program website) to the general program office listed below, along with copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts, a current Curriculum Vitae, a letter of intent, and two confidential letters of recommendation (submitted under separate cover ).

If an offer of admission to an MD/PhD or MD/Master ’s is made, a graduate research supervisor must be identified, and a School of Graduate Studies online application for the appropriate graduate program submitted at

Materials already submitted to the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program will be forwarded to the appropriate graduate program.

Key Dates and Deadlines

MD program: OMSAS deadline

Combined MD/PhD or MD/Master’s: October 17th.

Grad Maps

View the Grad Maps for this department and all graduate degrees on the Career Services website

Ellen & Vanessa
MD/PHD (Pathology & Anatomy)
Medical Doctor & Researcher!
photo of Maria GeorgescuMaria Georgescu
MD/PHD (Pathology & Molecular Medicine)
Researching Hemophilia while earning an MD