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“What has struck me most about my time as a graduate student in Geology is the quality of the academic environment. The faculty and staff here really want you to succeed and are prepared to drop everything to help you do it. The labs I work in are second-to-none and my supervisor is always eager to discuss my research with me and provide guidance and support when I need it. I’ve also had opportunities to take my work into the field; I’ve visited tunnels all across Europe to help get an understanding of what role my research can play in industry. On top of all that, the other students in my research group are some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. Having these resources and opportunities at my fingertips has made my experience at Queen’s that much more interesting and exciting.”

 Connor Langford, Ph.D. candidate

Program Contact

Kelly McCaugherty
Graduate Assistant
Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering
Miller Hall
Queen's University Kingston, ON, Canada K7L 3N6

Phone: 613.533.2597


Program Overview

The Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering provides opportunities for advanced studies and research in the Earth Sciences. Faculty interests span disciplines in geology, geochemistry and geoengineering often in a multi-disciplinary fashion and including applications to economic and environmental problems.


With high-tech geochemistry and geophysics labs, geomechanics computing tools, and Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research lab to work in, our students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge geoscience and geoengineering research. As well, students are able to work in first-rate facilities with world-renowned scientists and research engineers, and have opportunities to collaborate with industrial leaders and engage in extensive fieldwork on six continents, making our program truly a world-class experience. Students can also collaborate with other departments at Queen’s, including Mining, Environmental Studies, Chemistry and Biology as well as other institutions like RMC.

Career paths – employment opportunities

  • Academia: postdoctoral fellowship, professor, college instructor, adjunct teaching position
  • Industry: petroleum technologist, mining advisory position, research, economic geologist, applied geochemist, applied geophysicist, applied mineralogist, financial consultant to mineral exploration, environmental consultant, stock market consultant, field geologist
  • Government: mapping, consultant, research, advisory position, environmental regulator
Degrees Offered/Method of Completion

Degrees Offered

M.Sc.: 1 year

M.Sc.: 2 years

Ph.D.: 4 years

Method of Completion

M.Sc.: 6 Courses and a project OR 8 Courses  (1 year)

M.Sc.: Course work and thesis (2 year)

Ph.D.: Thesis

Fields of study and Supervisors

We encourage you to identify an area of research interest and contact a potential supervisor before applying.

  • Economic Geology & Mineral Exploration: Dr. T.K. Kyser, Dr. D. Layton-Matthews, Dr. G. Olivo, P.Eng
  • Petrology & Structural Geology: Dr. J.M. Dixon, Dr. L. Godin, Mr. R. Harrap, Dr. D. Layton-Matthews, Dr. R.C. Peterson
  • Sedimentology, Sedimentary Geochemistry & Paleobiology: Dr. R.W. Dalrymple, P.Geo., Dr. N.P. James, Dr. T.K. Kyser, Dr. G.M. Narbonne
  • Applied Geoenvironmental Sciences & Geotechnique: Dr. M.S. Diederichs, P.Eng., Dr. G. Fotopoulos, Mr. R. Harrap, Dr. D.J. Hutchinson, P.Eng., Dr. H.E. Jamieson, Dr. V.H. Remenda, P.Eng
Funding, Academic Prerequisites & Deadline

Funding Information

Basic Funding Package includes Teaching Assistantships.

M.Sc. Students: $21,000 minimum

Ph.D. Students: $23,000 minimum

Additional funding is also available through external awards ($10,000 (PhD) top-up award to federal government Tri-Council Award winners. All new international Doctoral students, admitted to full time study, are eligible to receive an International Tuition Award (ITA), to be held during all funding eligible years and is applied as a tuition credit.

Academic Prerequisites

Degrees in Geological Sciences or Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering or Civil Engineering are acceptable. Degrees in related fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sciences or Geography are seriously considered, however students will be required to take additional Geology courses. We consider your work over the last 4 years with emphasis on the last 2 years of schooling.

If required, a TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or TOEFL iBT minimum scores of: writing (24/30); speaking (22/30); reading (22/30); listening (20/30), for a total of 88/120. Applicants must have the minimum score in each test as well as the minimum overall score.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline: February 1 for September admission.

Notification of Acceptance: 4 weeks after we receive your full application.

Learning Outcomes

Grad Maps

View the Grad Maps for this department and all graduate degrees on the Career Services website


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