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In my experience, the Smith School of Business MSc program was the ideal introduction to academic research. I was provided the resources and opportunities needed to explore research ideas that were of interest to me, all while attending classes that were invaluable to the development of my academic knowledge and skills. What stood out the most to me in this program were the small class sizes and close interaction with faculty, as well as the general level of support provided by the program and staff.

My positive experience in the MSc program led me to stay at the Smith School of Business and transition into my PhD, where I am now entering my fourth year. In this program, I have had every opportunity to be involved, and succeed as an academic researcher. I have developed my research skills, worked with multiple different faculty on various research projects, been involved with social committees and other extra-curricular activities, and I have made great friends. Ultimately, I believe that I have been positioned to succeed in a career as an academic researcher.”

Joel Mohr, PhD Candidate, MSc, Marketing, 2015-2016

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Program Overview

Queen’s Smith School of Business is one of the world’s premier business schools - renowned for exceptional programs, outstanding faculty and research, and the quality of its graduates. It is home to a strong research environment where you will collaborate with leading faculty who are widely published in peer-reviewed journals, giving you the chance to deeply explore issues that interest you. Prominent researchers provide cutting-edge instruction in nine fields of study: Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, International Business, Digital Technology, Analytics, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, and Strategy. 


Students can expect a vibrant research culture within the School. Research seminars, visiting scholars, research opportunities with faculty, and a host of workshops provide a stimulating environment to learn. Students work and study in our modern facilities including dedicated office space, computer lab, behavioural lab, wireless classrooms and have access to the research subject pool, and the latest software and database applications.

Career Paths – Employment Opportunities

PhD graduates go on to academic careers, and are employed in top tier universities in Canada and internationally.

MSc graduates have an opportunity to enter into high quality PhD programs or pursue research analyst and consulting careers.

Degrees Offered/Method of Completion

Degrees Offered/Method of Completion

M.Sc.: 12 months, full time - six to seven courses plus a research project

Ph.D.: 4-5 years, full time - course work, comprehensive examination, thesis proposal and defense

Fields of study

The Accounting program  addresses two broad streams of research from financial accounting and market-based research on the one hand, to auditing, and managerial and behavioural accounting on the other. The program is both theoretical and quantitative, and students should be comfortable with abstract conceptualization as well as quantitative methods and statistics.

International Business (contact the MSc/PhD department prior to applying) is designed to introduce students to the key international management theories, trends, and phenomena as well as the methods that are used to study them. One of the core ideas in the program is to examine the ways in which internationalization changes an organization (small firms, multinational corporations, as well as non-profits) in terms of their structure, processes, and strategic management. Students will also be exposed to the concept of national culture including the latest developments in cultural intelligence (ie. cross-cultural interaction, communication, negotiation, international assignments, and the global mindset).

In the Finance program students will develop a deeper grounding in finance theory, and empiricism and delves into advanced derivatives valuation, corporate finance, empirical topics in finance, and research methods. This is primarily for students from finance or economics backgrounds wishing to pursue a doctoral degree or a career in industry.

Research in the Marketing program examines a range of marketing strategy and consumer behaviour phenomena. With internet technology empowering consumers in their ability to engage in value co-creation with companies, research into how companies devise marketing strategy in this environment, and how customers proactively create value is leading to fascinating insights. In conducting research in the Marketing field, students will draw on a variety of background disciplines (such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, media and cultural studies, to name the most common), and research methods (behavioural, quantitative, and qualitative).

The Organizational Behaviour program is for students interested in developing and testing theory and research on people in organizational settings. The field draws on several disciplines (psychology, sociology, economics) and examines the behaviour of individuals, groups and organizations. This program is suitable for students with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, industrial relations, education and business.

Drawing heavily on economics and mathematics, Analytics applies analytical approaches to problems of resource allocation and optimal decision making in organizations, and involves rigorous theoretical analysis and the application of mathematical methods to compelling organizational problems.

The Business Economics specialization provides students who are interested in applied economic research the opportunity to study the areas of economics that connect to the business environment. Students develop grounding in microeconomic theory, econometrics and many specialized topics such as the economics of organizations with applications to corporate financial theory, industrial organizations, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

The Digital Technology area focuses on research-based systems and processes that facilitate better decisions in organizations. Students complete courses on the conceptual foundations of digital technology, development and implementation of information systems, and the management and evaluation of information systems.

The purpose of Strategy is to establish the long term goals and objectives of an organization, and to identify the policies, programs and actions that will be employed to achieve them. Good strategy clarifies why the organization exists and helps it to allocate its resources to create sustainable competitive advantage. This program examines the conceptual foundations of strategy and the means by which strategy is formulated and implemented within the organization.

Funding, Academic Prerequisites & Deadline

Funding Information

MSc students receive generous annual funding. Students may also apply for funding to present at a conference. Additional funding through fellowships, awards, bursaries and research assistantships are also possible.

PhD students receive generous annual funding, with partial funding in year 5. In addition students can expect funding to attend or present at a conference.

In addition students can expect $1000 per year to attend a conference and an additional funding if presenting at a conference.

Students may also receive additional funding through fellowships, awards, bursaries, teaching and research assistantships.

Academic Prerequisites

Minimum B+ (77%) average in the last two years of university study in a discipline related to your field of study. M.Sc. applicants must have a four year undergraduate degree.

Prior to applying:

Please complete our Introduce Yourself form on our website and then proceed with your on-line application.

Test Requirements

GMAT or GRE score above the 85th percentile is required (640 or above is preferable). If English is not a native language prospective student must meet the English test TOEFL/IELTS requirements in writing, speaking, reading, and listening.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline for Completed Applications: January 17th, 2022

Notification of Acceptance: Before mid April

Learning Outcomes

Grad Maps

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