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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Dr Jenny Lee



Dr. Jenny Lee - PharmD, University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy 

Intern at Hoffman-La Roche 

PHMI Class of 2021 




What drew you to the PHMI program at Queen’s? 

I first heard about the PHMI program at Queen’s through colleagues. After looking into the program, I was drawn to its unique curriculum that focuses on equipping their students with the relevant schooling as well as the industry experience to kickstart their careers within an accelerated timeframe. 

What were you doing when you entered the program? Were you already looking for opportunities in industry? 

I was wrapping up my clinical rotations to complete my PharmD degree when I applied. I knew I wanted to penetrate the industry job market, but I knew it would be difficult with my lack of relevant work experience. During this time, I was actively networking with individuals who were already working in industry which led me to find out about the PHMI program. 

What has been your favourite experience so far? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview preparation workshop run by Kevin Maguire. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the best tactics to prepare for interviews, not only for the internship selection process but for future job prospects as well. This was an invaluable experience. 

What is the most interesting thing you learned? Perhaps an “ah-ha” moment that has changed your view on something? 

In the back of my mind, I was concerned with the notion that I did not know enough about industry and that would lead to my failure. Through this program it became clear that continuous learning fuels the industry, and this is what is necessary to develop innovative solutions. That is why, more than ever, pharmaceutical companies are embracing young talent because they bring a fresh perspective.  

If someone were considering applying to PHMI, what advice would you give them?  

If you are certain about transitioning into industry, I strongly suggest applying. The PHMI program at Queen’s provides a great opportunity to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in terms of gaining industry experience and navigating the Canadian landscape. You are constantly supported by your peers, the program coordinators, and industry professionals which creates such a conducive learning environment. I am very grateful to be in a personalized program like this one.