School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Lisa CesarioLisa Cesario – Medical Strategy Director, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

What drew you to the PHMI program at Queen’s?

The program really peaked my interest as there is a real need to provide some foundational learning to what the pharmaceutical industry can offer as a career option for graduates from the life sciences sector. It was the first I have seen with a true Canadian focus built with respected industry leaders.

How has your experience with PHMI students been, as a mentor as well as an internship supervisor?

Extremely rewarding personally and professionally. I have really enjoyed playing a role in enabling the PMHI students to learn and grow through experiential learning. Each individual brings a diverse and unique perspective which in turn inspires me. It’s been a true shared relationship.

What kind of career opportunities does PHMI open for its alumni?

It is very expansive. I believe many come in with the perception that the career for them will be as a MSL. As they gain exposure, it really uncovers that with a life sciences degree, there are many areas of the business they can build a career around. This program opens up doors and allows the students to build career relationships that would have been much harder to do.

If someone was considering taking the PHMI program, what advice would you give them? 

It’s what you put into it. If you are curious and are not set on any one area of the business, the investment you will make through this program will enable you to get some hands on experience and exposure to seasoned professionals that can help you navigate your own personal career journey.