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Resources, Support, and Services for Students

Resources, Support, and Services for Students

Queen’s University is committed to supporting the professional, academic, and personal well-being of students. Below you will find information on resources, support, and student organizations targeted to Indigenous students. For more information on other professional, academic, and personal resources, visit the Expanding Horizons and SGS Habitat websites.

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (FDISC)

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, or 4D for short, strives to be a home away from home for Indigenous students and a site of information and support for the broader Queen's community. It is a hub of activity and welcomes and encourages everyone to drop in and learn about the supports and services available to students.

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Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE)

Queen’s SAGE is an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional peer-mentoring program designed to support Aboriginal graduate students with the successful transition into and completion of their graduate programs. 

SAGE is also a student-driven mentor/support program, designed to increase Indigenous graduate students’ comfort level and relative ease within their programs, the university and the community as a whole. SAGE has quarterly meetings where students can socialize, share experiences as students and researchers, and support each other throughout the graduate experience.

Queen's Native Students Association (QNSA)

The Queen’s Native Students Association (QNSA) is an AMS ratified university club comprised of a diverse group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students that share an interest in Aboriginal cultures and traditions. Undergraduates, graduates, and professional students are all represented in the QNSA.

The QNSA functions as a forum for students to discuss contemporary and historic issues pertaining to Aboriginal peoples and cultures. They work in collaboration with Four Directions Indigenous Students Centre (FDISC) and Queen’s Aboriginal Council to identify the needs of Indigenous students on campus.


Kahswentha Indigenous Knowledge Initiative (KIKI)

The Kahswentha Indigenous Knowledge Initiative (KIKI) is designed to impact both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.

This initiative seeks to remedy the knowledge deficit and misunderstandings of Aboriginal peoples by raising awareness and providing knowledge sharing among non-Aboriginal students, staff and faculty, providing opportunities for experiential learning not offered in the classroom, and fostering alliances and building communities among the local Aboriginal community.


Indigenous Law Students' Alliance (ILSA)

Queen's Law has established the Indigenous Law Students’ Alliance (ILSA) to meet its students' specific needs. ILSA was designed as a unique club to help all law students appreciate and participate in Indigenous legal matters with greater understanding.

To learn more about the ILSA, visit their Facebook page. 


Counselling Services

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (FDISC) offers support in the form of an Aboriginal Advisor, who can support you by addressing your questions and concerns.

The Office of Faith and Spiritual Life provides confidential counselling to students regardless of their faith identification (including “none” and “spiritual but not religious”). Four individuals are available to support you.

Student Wellness Services offers counselling services that support the personal and academic wellbeing of students though a range of programs and services. The counselling is short-term and geared to resolving personal difficulties, dealing with crises and distressing situations. However, they also work with partners in the Kingston community to assist students who need specialized mental health services or longer-term counseling support.

Graduate studies provide opportunities for exciting new challenges and experiences. However, there are times when it can seem overwhelming. The School of Graduate Studies has two embedded counsellors who provide individual counselling services to graduate students, group programs, and will host mental health & wellness events. Appointments can be made by phone (613-533-6000 ext. 78264) or in person at Student Wellness Services.

The Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) offers the Student Advisor Program, a free and confidential service that provides advice, strategies for self-advocacy, and referrals to graduate and professional students at Queen’s. The Student Advisors are fellow graduate and professional students and they work to help you navigate many of the issues you may face while you are working towards your educational goals.

Aboriginal Alumni Chapter

The Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (FDISC) and Queen’s Office of Advancement work in partnership to support the Aboriginal Alumni Chapter. Become an active part of Queen’s extensive alumni network, and connect with both students and other Aboriginal alumni across Canada.

To get involved, contact FDISC at


Future Further

Future Further is Ontario Universities' Aboriginal Student Resource Portal. It is a dedicated resources that provides information on supports and services for Aboriginal Students interested in, or already attending, an Ontario University.

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