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China Scholarship Council

"Funding from the Chinese Scholarship Council has helped Queen’s to attract highly talented young scholars to many of our graduate programs. It has been my pleasure to work closely with Jie and Hanbai and to serve as a supervisory committee member in Yiyi’s studies." Emily M. Hill (Associate Professor, Department of History)

Procedures for students from China as part of CSC

Queen's University is honoured to receive applications from excellent Chinese students who will be applying for China Scholarship Council (CSC) doctoral scholarships. In order to apply for the CSC scholarship, a student normally must first have received a formal offer of admission from Queen's University.

Who is qualified to receive a CSC PhD scholarship? A citizen of China, studying in China or abroad.

Step One

  • Visit the website of the graduate program that you wish to apply to.
  • Determine faculty member(s) with research interests that match yours.
  • You may then contact them by email indicating that you are a potential CSC applicant.

Step Two

  • Visit the Queen's School of Graduate Studies website online application, and create an account so that you may apply online.
  • In the section "Financial Information"(where you are asked to list the names of awards outside of Queen's), please specify that you have applied to CSC or you will be applying for the CSC competition. Please also include the deadline date for the CSC competition at your home university.

Step Three

  • If the language of instruction in your current degree program is not in English, please take the TOEFL or IELTS test, and ensure your test results are sent to Queen's University

Step Four

  • Collect the required transcripts and reference letters as indicated on the online application.

Step Five

  • Once you have received an offer of admission from Queen's University, apply to the CSC doctoral scholarship program.

For further information on the CSC, please see

Note: Queen's funding commitment to CSC holders- you will receive funding in an amount equivalent to the international tuition fee. This funding may come from any combination of Research Assistantships, International Tuition Award, Queen's Graduate Awards, Teaching Assistantships, or other departmental resources.  Check with the department whether all or a portion of your funding will be paid directly to your tuition fee account or paid to you, and you then pay your tuition.


Yiyi He:Yiyi He - CSC scholarship holder

The Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) has made it possible for me to pursue PhD studies in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University. The program in Cultural Studies has opened up new intellectual and social horizons for me. I have had many opportunities to meet interesting people as well as improving my academic competence. I strongly recommend those who are interested in coming to Queen’s for graduate studies to apply for this valuable scholarship. (Third-year doctoral student)


Hanbai Han:

The CSC scholarship has given me the chance to pursue my dreams in Canada. Thanks to support from the CSC, I have been able to devote my time and energy fully to the four-year PhD program at Queen’s University. I very much appreciate how the CSC offered me this opportunity. It has truly been life-changing! (Fourth-year doctoral student)