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Queen’s 3 Minute Thesis – A fun event and an exciting opportunity

With just one day left before the 3 Minute Thesis® final on March 24, the participants and judges are getting ready for the big event. Eight Graduate students across all disciplines will be presenting their research, on topics such as detecting waterborne pathogens, the protection of indigenous knowledge, the management of waste, or the human nervous system. For the first time in Queen’s 3MT history, two post-doctoral fellows will present their research alongside their graduate student colleagues, and compete for the People’s Choice Award. For this award, the audience can vote electronically for their favourite presentation using a new online voting system.

The winner of the Queen’s final will be determined by four judges, who will assess the presentations on comprehension, engagement, and communication. One of the returning judges for the 2015 final is Ann Lukits, a freelance journalist who writes a column on medical research for the Wall Street Journal. Ann is looking forward to an exciting event and emphasizes the significance of the competition: “It’s important for scientists and researchers to be able to communicate complex and highly technical information to the public. The 3 Minute Thesis is a test of those skills in a competitive setting. I admire the students who participate – it’s not easy to perform in front of your peers. But the format really forces them to consider new ways of presenting their material, which is exciting to witness – and a challenge to judge.” Despite the 3MT being a competition, Ann was struck by its collegiality: “I especially like the support that audience members give to all the participants. The event has a great atmosphere - it’s noisy, fun and really well run.”

2014 Queen’s 3MT winner Mike Best also has some encouraging words for the participants: “The 3 Minute Thesis event is a great opportunity to not only practice your presentation skills, but to work on developing your own unique presentation style. I would highly recommend pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and trying completely new ways of giving presentations. I gave my 3MT presentation in an entirely different style than I had ever given presentations before. Now I incorporate components of this style into my teaching and conference presentations and this has definitely made me a better presenter.”

Master of Ceremonies for this year's 3MT is a local celebrity: Kingston town crier Chris Whyman will moderate the event. 
The Queen’s and Kingston community is cordially invited to the 3 Minute Thesis Final. Come out and support our graduate student and post-doc presenters!

When: Tuesday, March 24, 4:30pm

Where: Kinesiology 101, 28 Division St.

Bring your mobile device (laptop, tablet, cell phone) to vote for the People’s Choice!

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