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Say it loud: Canada needs more PhDs

Original article, re-posted with permission from University Affairs. 

Maximising the potential of grad students. "But there's the rub. Leveraging that talent requires a strategy and assertive investment."

Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies at Queen's, Dr Brenda Brouwer writes for University Affairs "In my Opinion" column in their April 2016 edition.

This past winter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told an audience in Davos, Switzerland, that he wanted Canada to be known for the resourcefulness of its people.  He need look no further than the potential of a new generation of PhDs. And yet, ironically, we are repeatedly plagued with the question: Does Canada produce too many PhDs? There's a disturbing subtext to this question. It discounts two of the greatest assets our country has: our education system and our citizens. It also undermines the value of the PhD in preparing for the growing complexity of the global economy.

From my perspective, the answer to the PhD over-production question is a resounding "no." But that doesn't negate the pressing responsibilities of the academy to ensure that our training programs adapt and respond to the current economic landscape...

Read the full article, re-posted with the permission of University Affairs - PDF (188KB)

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